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N78 Persistent 'Sim Card Registration Failed' Message

I have scoured the internet for answers on this problem, and i cannot find anyone with the same problem as me, so hopefully one of you could shed some light on this problem;

I recently purchased the N78 from my sister in November-ish of last year, it was a SIM free one, so i was able to put my Three (3) SIM card in (She was recently on 02 if that helps) it worked fine for say, about a month maybe, until the message 'SIM card registration failed' kept appearing, i just ignored this for a while as i presumed it was something to do with it being on 02 for a bit. after a few more weeks it kept appearing more and more, at that point all the signal bar went to 0 and i couldn't make or receive calls, unless i switched it off then back on again, after that it worked fine, and i was able to call and send/recieve texts (until the message appeared again). After a few more weeks this kept happening more and more and I kept missing important calls and texts (as I did not know when it would happen, it just happened at random intervals)I contacted 3 about this problem, and they said it was due to the faulty SIM card, so they sent me a new one, which worked for a while, then the same thing happened again. So I eventually gave up using this phone altogether, and used it solely for the connection to wireless internet and for the music player, which both worked fine.

Yet, earlier I attempted to put my SIM card back into the phone and it stopped working altogether, the message appeared all the time and i could not make a call or send a text whatsoever.I put the same SIM card into 2 different phones, and it worked fine, except my old Nokia 6288 'SIM Card Registration Failed' kept coming up, and has done for quite some time, but it didn't interfere with sending texts or making calls at all.I put a different SIM card into the Nokia N78, and it works perfectly fine, the message does not appear!

So, in short i cannot use my SIM card in my N78, but i can use it in other phones, yet I can use other SIM cards in this phone with no problem.

Any help at all would be greatly apprecaited.