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have had this problem twice.
1.. my wife had an n95 with 3 and i was upgraded by 3 to the 8gb version but did not want it ,so kept my old phone and she put her sim into the 8gb ,it gave that error message , i was told by 3 that either the sim was not compatable or more likely the sim was nackered , they changed it and it worked, altho they said diff sims with diff networks will not always work

2.. recently my wifes phone died and 3 gave her a recondition phone to see out her contract ,after about 4months it gave that error message , after several calls to india they finaly found the fault ,the previous owner had reported it stolen ages ago but then found it and 3 had started the process to block the phone from calls etc ???
they said sorry and gae me 1 months free line rental.. odd or what