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Unhappy C7 SIM broken, what to do?

Yesterday @ Nokia Store a tech guy broke the SIM slot by introducing a micro SIM adapter into it. They send my unlocked C7 to repair, for free. They assure me that it won't take long even if they told me that C7 is no longer produced. In the meantime I do not have any replacement except an old E51.

I am worried they cannot repair it. Is the SIM slot easy to substitute?

In the meantime E51 allows me to place calls and text but...

What happened thought me that it's always better to have a similar spare around just in case. I am a standard size SIM owner. To change it I need a long request process to my Employer IT Dept. Technically it's not mine so I'd be liable to cut it to micro SIM.

So I am left with three options:

Wait for the repair.
Get a discounted E7 or 701
Wait for 808 and ask for Micro SIM to my employer

What would you do?

Thanks in advance