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Right for all those who obviously have had better expereinces than me with porting reg keys please read these extracts from emails between myself and yellow computing...

Intially they resent me the program but it was mms cam not Pixomat the programme I was trying to port...

Me to them:
Hi this is the program for MMS cam and not for Pixomat which is the program which I have the key for - I think I might have bought the key for both but found I did not need the MMSCAm program.
Their reply:
> That's why all the code didn't work, you should told me what
> application you mean. We have only one registration of you and
> that's for MMSCAM. We can only send you the code for this one
> and not for PixOmat. You have to send us an order confirmation of
> PixOmat, otherwise we can't send the code. Please contact the
> online-shop where you bought it, they should be able to resend this
> mail.
> Best regards,
> Dominik Nied
However they clearly hadnt kept a record that I had bought Pixomat aswell:
> That's strange you see the thing is I don't think it was called
> Pixomat when I bought it - I am sure it was called something else -
> has this program been re-released and would the shop I bought it from
> have supplied the Pin code without going through you?
> Why do you not keep a record of this....
To which they reply:
Dear Mustafa,

it is your job to keep this mails save not our's, but we have found
an e-mail of your purchase.

Here is the code for PixOmat:


Your are right the product had a different name before, but when
you bought it it was already named "PixOmat". Please downlaod
the software form and register it with the
serial number from above.

Best regards,

Dominik Nied
mmmm, I dont exactly call this cutomer service and it is clear that this company was confused over who was to supply the codes when it came to it. Aparrently it was "up to me" to keep records of my purchases which I normally do but any online shop or developing company handing out codes should surely also keep record of this.

He also claims that he has no record of me buying this software but then freely hands out a new code which makes me think he just didnt look hard enough.

I hope for better next time...
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