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Running your D-Installed Apps Easily


1. Tracker 4.0
2. Attached Skin

This is very tricky but very useful, do you imagine clicking that .app file on your D? well, it's possible to do it but in a very long way. so, Let us cut the way out from it. Hopefully, you already installed the Tracker™ at this point. This will give you a chance of making a shortcut for the Custom Files. You can use the attached skin as your Skin.

From the Application List, we can add the Custom File using your own icon.. one of the needed PC apps is the Paint™, you can create your own just like what i did. So, creating shortcut will be easy. this is how to do it.

1. In the Attached skin, select the application list page.

2. Press your D-Pad Center Button and the Menu will Pop-Up.

3. Press the Desktop

4. Click the Create Shortcut and this will prompt you to Create Shortcut wizard.

Select the Custom File amongst the List, and Tick the Use Custom Icon, then, set the icon size to: Original Picture Size, then Hit Next.

5. Choose the .app from the list. D:\System\Apps\PersonalPaint\

6. Select the icon image you want to use

7. You can use this icon as the Shortcut for the App installed in D

8. Don't Forget to save the Settings on your Skin Icon

9. Test it!

You can now enjoy the newly installed sis application without compromising the space in your phone's internal memory.

How About Java/Midlets?
Basically, the first thing we will do is to install the app/game using the normal method. then after that:

1. create a new folder in your D, name it MIDlets

2. Transfer/move all the file from the C installed files to D

3. After you've done this. make sure that there are no files left in the C, it will consume space. Use the Launcher UnInstall method.

4. You can't make the MIDlet run at this point, you have to edit the java locator in the D:\System\Apps\[101efde8]\[101efde8].txt (edit the file using your PC notepad)

5. Follow the method on how to make short cuts for the custom file.