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hi !

i have been testing r3enpogis memcard-trick, and found som more tricks,
here are "my" installation guide:

about installation on memory-card:

what you need:
a filemanager, the best is maybe fileman ?
you also need tracker + stacker if you really want to make things "easy"+ save some bytes

use a filemanager, go to d:\, create a new directory "system",
goto "system", make directory "apps"
if you donīt have it already...

for example program (application) xyz;

1. do a normal installation
2. copy the app-directory from c: to d: ( c:\system\apps\xyz )
3. goto d:\system\apps\xyz
4. click on to start it, if it DONīT start, then it canīt be "installed" on memorycard
move the files back to c:, finished !

5. goto c:, delete all FILES in directory xyz ( c:\system\apps\xyz ), NOT the xyz-DIRECTORY
6. goto d:, try starting it again, if it donīt start then do step 9 and try again,
if it still DONīT start (AFTER step 9), then it canīt be "installed" on memorycard,
move the files back to c:, finished !

7. start tracker, create a shortcut to the app-file, (select custom-file, NOT application, thatīs ONLY for normal apps on c
8. click on the icon, if it starts then you are done !

9. copy the back to c:\system\apps\xyz
10. click on the icon, if it DONīT start, then it canīt be started from tracker
11. copy the xyz.aif-file back to c:\system\apps\xyz, if you want to have the icon on tracker

12. you can use stacker to compress the app-files on c:,, xyz.aif,
BUT as you can see for yourself, if you try it, it is NOT worth it with such small files, it gets bigger after compression
the steps above CAN be use to "install" programs bigger then 16 byte

for example i have the golf-game fairway on d:, the app-file is 57k !

it seems to me that "small" app-files with a "big" jar/data-file can be installed this way,

you can save ALOT with this "trick" !

for example i put the game galaxy-wing on d:
app=16 b, total=324,22 k, app-files on c: = 1,48 k

the golf-game fairway on d:, the app-file=57k, total=516,82 k
app-file on c: after compression=26,99 k !
(there seems to be some problems with the program however, as it crashes, but thatīs another story...)

by doing this for some programs i got about 800 k free on c:

nice saving...

my programs on d:
fairway, fileme, galaxywing, jrc4, jtext, jsolun ( app=16 b, jar-file 334 k ! ), jzip, zipper

you can also save some bytes=60 k, by putting netfronts help-files (html) on d:
but then you have to change the settings for your homepage to d: so nf can find them

good luck !


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