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problem after problem after problem....HELP

hello guys!! can you help me with my 7650 The phone was given to me by my cousin who is in germany. The first problem was everytime i restart my phone a message "system error" occured. Then after a week of using the phone everytime i pull down the keypad, signal was losing but after i return it back signal comes back too.But if the keypad remains pulled down for a minute "insert Sim Card" was displayed. Then after three days, when i started to charged the phone the battery sign is appearing but it's not charging. And if i charge it while the phone is turned on a message "not charging " appeared? Please help.... I tried to go to different service center but other say it's on system, others say it's the flex cable, others says it's dead

By the way, it was a second hand phone used by my cousin and he told me that it's not like that before he gave it to me, He used it for only 2 months