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Again, I must iterate... plausible new features, not bug fixes! Although I'll take the opportunity to say now that all the bug fixes I've seen mentioned so far certainly have merit!
  • DivX Codec built into unit - That's probably never gonna happen any time soon.
  • SIP Client built into firmware ala N95 - Wasn't it included in v20 (albeit, hidden away)? *Checks* Ahh, it's only for video calls, not normal calls. Good point, sjdean!
  • Fix on memory leaks especially in email when opening an attachment - A bug fix, but still something we'd like to see.
  • More integration to social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Youtube etc - I know you said you'd like to see this without having to use 3rd party widgets, but since they've already been made (and continually updated) I don't see this happening with the N97. Hey, I've been wrong before though. For all I know, we might see Facebook/Twitter/YouTube suddenly appear in our homescreen content list in a future update. Support for Flickr is already included in Share Online, which can be added to the homescreen, but I assume you didn't mean this when you said Flickr support?
  • Flash Player in Web Browser - I have a sneaking suspicion Nokia will stick with Flash Lite for the forseeable future, especially with the lack of RAM available. It's possible Adobe might bring out a new version of Flash Lite that has much better compatibility with standard Flash games/websites, which then may make it's way onto our N97s.
  • Better management of the RAM - A bug fix. We'd all like to see this, and I'm sure Nokia will try to improve upon it in subsequent updates.
  • The option to install as many of the applications to the mass drive - Yes, I'd like to see this too, although I'd imagine most of the time it'd be down to the developers of the software to add this support... although Nokia themselves are amongst the list of developers guilty of this crime! Just imagine how much space we'd save if we could install Nokia Messaging, N-Gage, Ovi Maps and Ovi Contacts onto the Mass Memory instead of Phone Memory!
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