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Thanks dez

Originally Posted by dez_borders View Post
You may not be aware of this, but all the Android handsets up to v2.1 can ONLY install apps to C:
The forthcoming v2.2 FW release may fix this (but app vendors may need to recompile their apps to support the function).
You can already achieve this pre 2.2 by rooting your android handset and installing the app2sd app (similar to Nokia FW de-branding and also voids your warranty).
Thanks for the heads up dez, although I was aware of this - for the wife i dont think it will be a problem - i would have rooted it at the 1st sign of getting close to the limit!

Although the advantage of the Desire's OS is that it has all the basic stuff pre installed eg email. So in general what you install after that is icing on the cake so to speak.

With my N97 before you have had to start adding extras in via software update it is perilous with memory - you shouldn't be thinking what basics can i do without so that the phone functions!