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Well, i got a desire some months back and was very pleased for a while, coming from an N97 mini to it, as you said made it look a bit cumbersome, however, after some time the simple task of sending text messages and anything that requires using the on screen keyboard became a mojor annoyance. It might just be me, but i just cant get on with touch screen keyboards, the amount of times i nearly just threw it at the floor because i'd walked half a mile in the time it had taken me to text a sentance cos i'd have to erase all the mistakes i'd made. trust me on this, once the honeymoon period wears off you'll be missing yer hardware 'board. Suffice to say that the desire is on the shelf and i'm back on me 97 now. The 97 might be a bit long in the tooth but its easy to live with, bit like comparing an alfa romeo to a vw golf, the alfa may be really exciting, but it'll piss you off too, whereas the gold just gets on with it in a boing kinda way