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Hi Jah,

Thanks for this!

... unfortunately, after performing all of the above steps, I am still unable to connect my P990i to my laptop

I followed all of the steps listed then rebooted, scoured the registry for any 'Ericsson' or 'Teleca' artifacts then rebooted again. I then reinstalled the PC Suite software (latest version from SE), rebooted again, then connected my P990i. All of the phone drivers were loaded successfully (Comm ports 9 and 14) and there were no conflicts.

mRouter momentarliy connects then immediately disconnects... (over and over again if you tell it to connect whenevr the phone is in range!). Same happens for USB connection - connects then drops immediately.

I have raised this with Sony Ericsson and have had some feedback from them.

I will post a solution here when (and if) I eventually get one.