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While I rarely turn my phone off, I think it's fair enough if others want to do so. Different strokes for different folks!

Regardless, I think auto-booting to sound an alarm is a useful feature to have. Perhaps, your phone dies while you are out and you plug it to charge when you get home but don't bother to switch it on because you're knackered or whatever. And perhaps you have a crucial job interview the next day and can't afford to oversleep... you never know, it could happen!

Anyway, I think this thread is going a bit off-topic, so... umm... W960 is nice but not perfect. However, I for one welcome our new 8gig overlords.

Does anyone here have both P1 and W960. From what I've read the software should be almost identical except that the W960 has a flashy Walkman music player. Is this correct? I'd be curious to know what other differences there are if any.
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