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Originally Posted by fikhl View Post
Thanks for the tip man! I'll try it and hopefully it'd work!
EDIT: It worked! A huge thanks to allaboutsymbian community! and shame on you Nokia...
Hi I actually got a call back from a genuine techie at Nokia

(albeit a week after I wrote to them and had the moron from the black lagoon tell me that ALL 5800 handsets were faulty and needed to be returned to a Nokia service centre when he simply could not understand enough English to grasp my problem!)

He told me to do a full reset but made it very clear "You MUST be certain to re-enter ALL the location and time information" this solved the certificate problem but NOT the clock losing time problem!
This tells me there is a fundamental problem with the timing system of the phone. I hope this can be solved with a FW update and its not a hardware fault in the CPU