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Auto Connection Select

Today I was trying to set my e-mail automatic retrieval, so i found out i have to set a connection that every time it wants to check the mail, it uses that connection,
I could not use my home Wi-Fi, so when i'm out it would not use the EDGE connection, and i could not set it to use the EDGE because when i'm home or somewhere with Wi-Fi , I don't want it to use the EDGE ( EDGE and 3G are very expensive here).

So all i want my E90 to do is that when it wants to check the mails, first it looks for all the Wi-Fi connections I have in my accesspoints lists, and if none of them was availabe then it would use the EDGE or GPRS connection.

Can I program the phone to do that? Should I use a 3rd party application? if yes can you recommend a free one?