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Originally Posted by BanziBarn View Post
I wish I'd not bought the phone. I took a picture of my wife and because of the scratched lens it distorted her face. She wasn't happy and has now left me.

Also, when travelling abroad recently the phone connected to 3G even though I was in range of free wifi. I didn't notice and when I got home I received a bill so large I had to sell my house to pay for it - I'm now homeless.

I was lucky though because I was offered a place in a hostel. Well, I was actually offered a place in two, but when the first place called I couldn't work out how to answer the call so they rang off.

Luckily, I worked out how to answer the call from the second place and they gave me the address to go to. Couldn't find it though, GPS wouldn't lock.

The phone has ruined my life.

And I thought I had N97 problems!