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Did I read right that somebody took their N86 into a Nokia Care centre and they say this latest version 30 firmware is still not stable?

I have to say, I think that is simply not good enough. How long has this phone been out for now? A year isn't it? So this phone has been on the market for a whole twelve months and yet still Nokia cannot make them work properly!

I'm on my third one of these now, the last one went back because the camera could not take a clear photo. This one I have now was just as bad when I got it so I took it into Nokia care and they did manage to get it working. But now six months later and the camera is playing up again with dark condition photos being very out of focus and fuzzy!

That's not the only problem i've had with this phone, in it's early days it was next to useless! To be fair version 20 firmware did fix a few things, but in my opinion this does not save Nokias bacon! Why? Because when you buy a new phone you should not have to wait twelve months for everything to work, it should work straight away and there is not excuse for it not working straight away because Nokia should have tested it thoroughly first. The fact they didn't tells me they don't really care that much about the customer and so this N86 which is the fifth Nokia phone i've owned, will be the last.