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Originally Posted by pintofale View Post
More observations after a heavy day's use....

Camera sometimes starts with shutter closed - stopping and restarting the camera app (sometimes a couple of times) clears this problem, but it is annoying.

Camera also sometimes massively under- or over-exposes - again, closing the app and restarting it clears this problem. Once cleared, leaving the app open give consistent behaviour.

More space on C drive - from about 20 MB to 35 MB.

Oddly, the 'Maps' icon on the menu is blank in landscape mode, and sometimes blank in portrait mode. But Maps works fine!

Screen rotation might be a little slower.....

D pad in video playback does not give ffwd/rewind, but hey, use the multimedia slide chaps.

Also, digital compass does not seem to work in Maps - no green ring around the compass. However, installing the N97 Compass freeware app show it working fine. I have 'sensors' on in 'settings'. Any ideas chaps - not sure if this is to do with the upgrade to Maps 3.03....

Despite these problems I love the N86 and this upgrade is worthwhile for me because of the fix to the 'black screen' camera bug, which I was having to work round by rebooting.
-My self having 64 mb free phone memory after update and hardreset.

-TO get digital compass to wok in maps, you need to press '5' key (its a sort cut to compass in new ovi maps)(by default compass is off)

-Dpad wont work for ffwd/rewind in landscape mode in gallery, since there it is used to move to next item. Though it works flawlessly in real player now.

-No problem related to camera and maps icon (as described by you ) present here.

Why dont you try a hardreset??

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