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[New] WildPalm releases ZipMan for P800

ZipMan by WildPalm is a file compression manager for the Sony Ericcson P800. Use ZipMan to open received compressed .Zip files, or to compress files before sending via Email for faster transfer.


* Open .Zip files from Inbox

* Automatically open documents stored in .Zip files

* Create new .Zip files to send via Email

* Add photos and memos to new .Zip files

* Files can be added from other applications on the phone via plugins

* Send new or existing .Zip files via Ir, Bluetooth or Email

* Send any file stored in the .Zip file via Ir, Bluetooth or Email

* Encryption support - Add a password to a zip file, or open zip files which are already encrypted

* Full on-line help

* Free Trial
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