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Data problem

I have a e71. I believe it's the NAM edition, I got it off Amazon.

Anyway, I have a AT&T data plan. Where I live, there's HSDPA connection (3.5G, or so I believe) and when it works, the cell phone is beautiful.

At times however, data simply refuses to transfer, and my browser is just waiting, waiting. What I have observed is that once I reboot the phone it works fine and I am able to browse.

Is there anyway to "disable" and "enable" the data connection, instead of having to reboot the phone? (Kind of how you can switch on and off the /etc/init.d/network service for Linux folks) ... I don't like having to reboot just to be able to browse!

Also, this primarily happens when I move around. In other words, if I am able to browse at some point, I can always browse. However, let's say I go to a place around 5 miles or more farther, a reboot is required. Then it works fine.

Any suggestions?