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KeyLauncher for Nokia E63-2?

Newbie to Symbian - and a longtime Palm user turned defector.
I'm looking for software that would allow me to map the 30+ keys on my Nokia E63-2 NAM to launch apps, place calls, launch SMS pre-filled messages, etc. I'm probably using the wrong words to describe my search or I'm missing something that the phone has as a "built-in" feature. I'd thought the Voice Command feature would be more powerful but it lacks any means to launch add-on apps that didn't come with the phone (that I'm aware of) and tends to screw-up my wishes since I keep messing with it by speaking via my Jawbone - which makes it want to find a name, not launch something!
Thanks in advance to anyone who has read this far and not said "tough!".
Thanks even more to anyone willing to help the (spoiled) newbie <grin>