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How much free C drive space does the N97 need to operate stably?

I am a heavy user of Opera mobile 10, Quickoffice 6, and the built-in Music Player, Podcasting, Camera, Photos and Videos apps on my N97

My phone currently has 25mb of free space on C, and i have already removed non essential apps from C, maybe apart from Qt, QtMobility and QtWebKit.
I would like to install Ovi Maps 3.6 (currently have 3.3 built into firmware v20.0.110), i think Ovi Maps 3.6 installs requires between 11-15mb of C disk space; which will only leave 10-14mb free on C.

Do folks on this forum have any comment/advice whether that is enough space to keep the N97 stable and run the apps in particularly the ones above smoothly?