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Will network support transform apps to smart-apps?

What can the networks do to promote third party applications (asks James Parton at Vision Mobile)? This is a well argued editorial, as Parton looks at the rise of the manufacturer’s application stores – but he reckons the stores are full of ‘dumb’ applications, labelling them 1.0, with no context of their user, location or environment. And that’s where the mobile phone networks need to act as enablers.

Read on in the full article.

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Not a clue

Given the complete shambles that is the O2 Litmus nonsense that Parton oversees/oversaw its hard to comprehend which planet these comments belong to.

The sooner operators get out of providing App Stores the better for everyone, including Operators. Just accept that part of the Operator business is being a dumb pipe and get over it. Move on, provide other services - like a network that people can actually use.

Let just take billing, yes Operators can bill directly to consumers, so can lots of others. Operators rarely if ever actually pay developers its just excuse after excuse, then the rev share is pathetic - because apparently all consumers are dumb they have to support every one of them individually, plus vast proportions of payments are fradulent apparently etc etc...

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Well Danger powered devices are based on network
The Danger Service
The real secret sauce is the Danger Service, a complete backend infrastructure that is always connected to Danger-powered devices. The Danger Service manages all data communications to and from the device. It does things like:

makes sure you are ‘always-on and connected’ to the Internet and to your friends, so there’s never any need to manually dial-up
pre-formats web pages so that they display well on the device
maintains your instant messaging conversations in real-time, pushes emails to you, so you don’t have to manually retrieve them
automatically and wirelessly backs up your email, photos, and organizer data so that you’ll never lose your stuff
gives you unlimited remote storage for games and applications, so you can keep building your collection
delivers over-the-air software updates to the device, so that you’ll always have the very latest software
Because the Danger Service backs up your data automatically, you can securely access and edit this information through a web browser on any computer connected to the Internet. Your data on the device and “Desktop Interface” is always ‘synchronized’, so any change you make in one place will automatically be reflected in the other. Pretty cool, huh?

The Desktop Interface gives you access to your information even if you happen to lose your Danger-powered device, so you’ll never be left in the cold. When you get a replacement device, or if you upgrade to a new type of Danger-powered device, all of your data will automatically be provisioned to the new device after you sign on with your username and password. Easy.

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@Ewan Thanks for reading the Vision Mobile post. I totally agree with you that Mobile Operators are not the sole purveyors of the kinds of services I describe in the article, and we certainly have no divine right to provide them.

Along the lines of the comment I posted back on the original Vision Mobile blog post, I do however believe that Mobile Operators can add significant value by providing the operational wrap, an agnostic approach, and backing the endeavour with a trusted brand to encourage adoption.

@bbj – obviously you are not a fan of our work at O2! I'd love to know what you think about Litmus and where you think we can improve - feel free to DM me on @jamesparton


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