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Samsung i8910 and Samsung SBH-650 bluetooth stereo headset mini-review

Google for SBH-650

Available in the UK for ~ 30-40 GBP.

It works, and it works well.

It pairs quickly and easily with the i8910 (I was up and running in less than a minute; standard '0000' (4 zeros) pairing code) and for the last few days I have been happy with it.

It has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can use your own favourite pair of cans ('phones), but it comes with its own set, which appear identical to the headphones that come with the i8910, in-ear.

It has its own charging jack.
It has its own on/off switch, a handy spring loaded clip on the back, to put on your tie (LOL) and
It has a pendant cord so you can throttle yourself with it if times get tough (joke). It weighs about half a bag of crisps/chips (18g).

Play/pause/track up down/ volume up down / answer hangup call.

Little flashy blue light to tell you what it is doing/pairing.

Seems to power down after a few secs to save battery (which is good) when you stop using it.
Battery time - I've used it for 3 days, a lot. Still going. Seems good.

I don't usually use bluetooth headsets for calls, so I don't have any past reference points for people who will ask 'how does it sound/call clarity' etc. I bought it for music listening wirelessly around the office and it does it fine.

If anything, IMHO, it sounds a little too trebly with music, but bass is ok.

Range: very good; impressed; must be a 100 metre device, as I only get the sound breaking up when I walk about 30 metres away from my handset (line of sight; outside my house) . Inside the house, a bit like half the range of my 54mbps router i.e. starts breaking up after you pass through one solid wall, line of sight.

A slight irritation - but as to be expected... it does not pair with my v3.0 iPod touch 2nd gen. As some of you will know, the iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade unlocked the bluetooth circuitry on the iPod 2nd gen touch WiFi chipset too... in the settings on the iPod touch there is now a bluetooth option. Well, my hopes were raised I might get some more joy out of this gear when it did appear on my iPod touch's discovery screen, but sadly, my ipod touch 2nd gen refused to accept the pairing code... no rich pickings there, my friends...

Just letting everyone know that it actually works ok with the i8910 (as you might believe it should, but you can never be sure with Bluetooth gear... or Samsung, for that matter...! LOL).

Conclusion: If your missing a remote with track changing buttons etc. I haven't so far managed to find any flaws with this SBH-650 gadget. It is great.

NB Also known as the SBH650 officially by Samsung (no hyphen) and I can't find the manual to download on their website, although you don't need it (except to do some pre-buying research it I guess).

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Thanks for the review. I just ordered it at for 38 (I'm in the Netherlands)


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Thanks for the info, 1 question though....when someone calls you do you hear a ring from the blutooth or like other headsets, its just that the music stops playing and the ringtone comes rom the phone?

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If you are listening to music on the SBH650 and someone calls you, the music stops in the headphones, you hear musical beeps through the headphones every 3-4 seconds, and also the i8910 itself either vibrates (silent profile) or sounds its usual ring tone (general profile) at the same time as the beeps through the SBH650.
After the call ends, or e.g. you reject it, the music comes back through the SBH650 from where you left off...

In general, I am still extremely pleased with the SBH650. It works fine with a friend's E71 also.


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