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Line-out + Bluetooth Headset

Has anyone ever tried to use a combination of speakers or line-out with their S60 phone while having a Bluetooth headset connected to it?

I have a line-in for the audio system in my car, and would like to listen to music from my phone while taking calls in my Bluetooth headset. It seems like it should work, but here's the oddities:

If I select Headphones or Line-Out when I plug my 3.5mm line-in jack to the phone, when I receive a call, I accept it using the Bluetooth headset. But there is no sound played from the other caller, and the other caller cannot hear me. This is whether speaking into the Bluetooth headset or the handset.

If I select "Music-stand" then when I receive a call and accept it from my Bluetooth headset, I can hear the call through the speakers I've plugged in, and the handset's microphone picks up what I'm saying (albeit I must be close to the phone). But the Bluetooth headset does nothing.

However, if I initiate a call from my headset, (not from the handset), then the call works fine.

I don't know if this is just my Bluetooth headset acting funny, or if it's a flaw in the S60 operating system? (And a quite frustrating one at that).

I think I've found a workaround, but clearly the phone is not working as it should. Basically, if I receive or make a call with something plugged into the phone as line-out and with a Bluetooth headset connected, the phone sends and picks-up audio from nothing until you specifically switch back and forth between the sources in the call. So what I have to do is accept the call, then tap the on-screen button to switch to handset. The call is now handled in the handset, but I want it in my Bluetooth headset. So then I now tap the on-screen button to switch to "BT Headset." And then the call is properly transferred to my headset.

It's rather cumbersome, and defeats some of the purpose of me having a handsfree Bluetooth headset. Where I live, there are laws against the use of mobile devices except only from headsets while driving. So this method is not a completely "legal" workaround at all, as it requires me to interact with the handset to accept a call.

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