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Dunno if i'm allowed to post this but here goes

basically i have a P800 on the orange network. But me being me, i wanna use my vodafone simcard in it. -?
When i had the spv it was a piece of cake to unlock bymyself, but i can't even find one of those dodgy shops that unolck it either. (
Please help, i'm saving up for a bluetooth headset and don't wanna fork out for a new phone. cry
And while were on the subject, which bluetooth head set you guys reckon i should get cos the lil SE headset looks cool and has the magic word function but feels a bit like a cheap toy. 8)

Suggestions for unlocking plz.
And recomendations for blutooth headsets would be appreciated, plz bear in mind i'm a skint student.

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Ring Orange and tell them how mad you are that they locked your phone!, they may ask for a small to speak to their manager, if he says you have to pay a small fee ask to speak to his manager, so on, so on....might get it done for free...or end up paying a small fee

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I wouldn't put too much faith in that approach.

I was having GPRS problems and when they were not resolved after several calls I tried to complain. The operative that I spoke to at first refused to let me speak to her supervisor, and when I pressed the point she spoke to him and he refused to speak to me and this was despite the fact that the he was listening to the conversation.

I am in the process of complaining in writing (they refused to accept a complaint over the 'phone, how bad is that for a phone company) but their response so far has not been impressive.

Blimey, I preferred Cellnet/O2 and that's not saying much.

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Theres a shop near leeds market that does it for a tenner

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I don't know if I'm allowed to post this either, I'm sure the mods will remove it if not...

This is the email address of somebody who claims to do unlock logs, but I've not used him (so to speak) so I don't know how reputable he is.


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cant help with the unocking question but i too am interested in which headsets you all prefer - please dont flame me i know this has been asked before but what i would like to know that i could find when searching is a list of which headsets support voice dialing / answer / reject? is it just the SE ones? thanks in advance if anyone knows.


allowed, dunno, post

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