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OVI Maps 3.0 is available for N97...again

OVI Maps 3.0 is now available for the N97...again.

Btw, at the beginning of July I received an N97 with faulty GPS (but did not know it until a few weeks ago). I called Three last Monday, received the return/repair envelope on Tuesday and posted the phone straight back, got a new phone on Thursday with excellent GPS service (accurate 9m-14m outdoors). Firmware 11 was preinstalled but I debranded (product code 0570817) and went straight to V12.

A lot has been discussed about the cause of the GPS fault, software/hardware/firmware/drivers, I don't know the cause myself but I don't remember questioning the GPS (which I used wuth OVI Maps 2 extensively from day 1) until I upgraded to the original OVI Maps 3.0.

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Looks like it's same file as before - still reporting v3.01 as the version number on the about menu (not 3.1 as the software update app lists it as).

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Finally some good news.
Installed new version, as everyone else was having serious issue with GPS, Installed new this evening and give it a go for 10 mile journey and very impressed , not a single GPS signal loss in whole journey, before it was even hard to get Gps signal.
accuracy has improved as well, some time it is abt 40-50 meter but most time was less than 15 meters.
so that was definately Software fault, i advise you to upgrade to this version who is having problem, mine is sorted anyway and never had camera issue so happy bunny now.
Yes i also has first batch of N97, pre-ordered it and got it on lauch day.

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i downloaded this update yesterday and took the GPS for a spin this morning, and.....

I must admit it is much better, seems considerably more accurate and i didn't lose signal once in 35 miles.

having said this the Nav has always worked ok on my route to work (A-roads and Motorway) but i was in central london at the weekend and it was terrible, completely unuseable.

Has anyone who previouslu found it unuseable now finds it to be better after update?

or is it all in my head.........

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Downloaded and installed the *NEW* and improved Maps 3.1 to my N97 NAM and went outside to test it.

Satellite fix came within a minute, magnetic compass seemed to calibrate quickly. Position was accurate and stabile for about four minutes then it started jumping again!

Did a drive test with it this morning on the way to work.

Compass never calibrated.
Positions were sometimes WAYYYYYYY off.
It seemed like the position fix sometimes lagged up to 30 seconds and even when it did catch up to me it would jump around and be off by about 100 meters.

Going to try the Ovi Maps beta and see if things change.

If it doesn't improve soon, this phone is going back to Nokia.


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