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Battery Life - The "Raven" Test

A while back, Raven wanted to know what would happen to the battery life if you left the p800 alone, but couldn't bring himself to do it. Well here's a little story....

Last week I was on holiday diving, and took my P800 with me. The start of Monday it was charged 100% and my usage for the week totalled
One game of chess
3 SMS received
3 attempts to receive an MMS
3 attempts to send an SMS
2 Phone calls
a few piddly little alarm settings and such

By the time I landed the following Monday, the battery was @33%.

So by a little extrapolation - 168 hrs = 66% of battery with almost minimal usage, making estimated battery life 252 hours. Now I reckon if I had left it in flight mode (less network searching, no phone calls or messages etc) this would be bumped to 300-350. Not too far off Sony Ericsson's 400 hour claim me thinx.

Hope this helps those who were querying the actual stats.

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Hehe... That's not too bad, but remember that the 400Hours claim from SE is unrealistic at best. No doubt that it is possible, but that would reguire perfect network conditions. Realisticly you'll only be getting about 200-250Hours at the best in STANDBY(no usage at all). Do I think it's fair/morally right of SE to put up the 400Hours? -Hell no! But they can, legally..

And Flight Mode doesn't count because the radio will be off. If you leave it in Flight Mode the battery may just last a whole month or more, who knows, Flight Mode in the P800 is practically the same as turning a "normal" cell phone OFF.

Anyway, thanks for the test mate. You're right, I never could bring myself to leave my baby alone for a longer periode of time. The longest my battery has lasted is about 5 days, but that was still with a bit of usage..
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Hehe, i've only seen my ericsson drop over night. I have to charge it everyday, but then again i use bluetooth and are online some hours a day. I'll test it and see how long it runs with mobile use only.
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Remember the touch screen & backlight use much power

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Be carefull with camera button.
If you forget it on, or pressed by accident,
then it powers off battery very very quick (couple of hours I thing)



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