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Americans 'touch, hold and love' the E90

It seems the USA gadget press is drooling over the Nokia E90 too - I'll be interested to see what they make of it in day to day use. Here's the Engadget Mobile intro and their first hands-on gallery.

Read on in the full article.

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I suppose there's one scenario no one's considered in all the hoo hah about the the E90: that Nokia would lose existing customers but gain new ones, so there might be no change to the Communicator series' fortunes overall. If they gain enough new customers, their Communicator userbase might even expand. New customers wouldn't have any preconceptions about how the device should behave, and they wouldn't miss any of the features of the old Communicators as they never used them.

What's frustrating is that a lot of the complaints are to do with some of the old communicators' apps not being carried over to the new one, and that ought to be so easy to solve by just getting someone to port these applications. It wouldn't take that long, and it wouldn't cost that much either. What's more, because they'd be written for S60, they could be used on non-communicator S60 models too so the costs would be spread across the entire device range, not just one model.

I do take back what I said about being able to send faxes, it would be a useful (although not vital for most people) application to include in the S60 suite, and it shouldn't be too difficult to implement either.
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How can Engadget really evaluate the E90 when you can't use the 3g and 3.5g features in the US?

Regarding sales, I think the E90 will be a big hit because it has that wow factor. Also in the UK after the N95 success many more consumers are now aware of the power of advanced mobile devices. I have been very surprised how receptive my colleagues have been - the rapid download of emails and large inner screen seem to be critical elements of the attractivness.

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Coming from an American point of view and an owner, ownership is more than just about the phone. It's about making your neighbors jealous, and that makes you feel good.

All kidding aside, I've considered buying the 9500, 9300, before, but they're drawbacks were lack of functionality. Now the E90 has all the features I need including a QWERTY keyboard to aid my newfound pleasure in text messaging.

Regarding the facsimile capability: It's hardware based, so S60 software implication would be very difficult.

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krisse: It's not necessarily easy to port apps between different Symbian-based platforms. I haven't actually worked with Series 80, so I don't know how much it differs from S60, but at least you have to port these apps to Symbian 9, which is much more work than some people might think.

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e90 is a communicator

I do not quite understand all those who complain that the e90 should not be claimed "a communicator".

I consider myself a power user and used to have both the 9210i and the 9500 and I do believe that the e90 is a huge leap forward and a step in the right direction. A VERY VERY GOOD JOB NOKIA!!!

It is fast, versatile (the e-mail & document editing capabilities, gps, music player, great camera, advanced voice features - all in one device), one can finally use the outer screen for all those activities that would require one to open the older communicators, etc... In one word - it is a great device!

Of course, I agree that the PIM is a disaster (Nokia - this is something you need to address asap), but fortunately we have Papyrus. The fax is missing, but I give it up with no hesitation - in exchange for the fully usable outer screen. Actually, I fail to see any feature e90 is missing that would make me (even only) think about getting back to the 9500. Even the PIM.

all the best,


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