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HELP: Setting up my 7650 to retreive POP3 email

I'm having alot of trouble getting my phone to sent and receive emails from my Freeserve POP3 account. I've spoken with Vodafone, Freeserve and Nokia. You guys are my last chance before I chuck my phone through the wall.

My Current settings are:

Mailbox: Freeserve
Access point in use: Vodafone GPRS
My Mail Address: *****@*******
Outgoing mail server:
Send Message: Immediately
Send copy to self: No
Include Signature: No
User name:*******
Password: ******
Incoming Mail Server:
Mailbox Type: POP3
Security: Off
APOP Secure Login: Off

Do any of you guys use Vodafone and retreve messages from Freeserve. As no technical person at any of the companys involved have any idea. I've spent a week surfing the web for settings, and as far as I can see the settings I have are fine (I got them from Freeserve)

I get the error message: Genral System Error: Try again

I read on a earlier forum message about GPRS WAP & GPRS INTERNET. I thought this may be my problem, I phoned Vodafone. And they didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

Any help is greatly appriciated.

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The problem is the access point you are using. The 'Vodafone GPRS' access point is only usable by WAP. You need to set up a second access point that will allow all 'other' traffic.

When I called, they were working on the info sheet, but the chap was willing to guide me through the process.

Prerequisites are that you are subscribed to a GPRS tarrif (GPRS1 or above - that is, you have at least 1MB to spend per month). Call 0870 5482020 (Vodafone GPRS helpline).

If they don't help, try these settings in a new GPRS Access point (copy your Vodafone GPRS access point and edit that);

Connection Name: GPRS Web (or anything you want)
Data Bearer: GPRS
Access Point Name: internet
User name: web
Prompt for Password: No
Password: web
Authentication: Normal
Gateway IP Address:



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Cant speak about Vodafone, but I (here in Austria) had to set as the Outgoing Mail Server that one of my phone company (called A1), the Incoming Mail Server that of my internet's provider (like on PC). This works fine, I can send Mails and receive mails from my POP account. You seem to have the same company as in- and outgoing, perhaps thats the error.
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I tried that and no luck. I rang the GPRS helpline number and spoke to a very usefull guy, he told me that the settings that you gave me were for Vizzavi. I needed to set up and access point to Freeserve (Like you would on your computer), Which brought me to my next problem. I use Freeserve anytime, which only works from the number you supply to freeserve. So I've set up a Pay as you go Freeserve account so I can dial up from my phone. I'm getting a bit closer as I can connect to Freeserve buy my username and password are invalid. I have changed the settings for my mailbox for the new account but still nothing. I'm just about ready to give up. Does anyone have anymore ideas.

Basically I just want an email account on my phone so I can send pictures and text to people, I don't care about the address or anything else, nothing fancy or complicated......Is that too much too ask??

I think this phone is making me loose my marbles!!!

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The POP (inbox) mail I access with the above settings are not Vizzavi, so I'm not too sure what he was on about (though Vodafone do have excellent customer service - I must say).

You will have to send via the Vizzavi SMTP server - (that's normal), but you should be able to receive mail from any POP3 server (as I do on Vodafone).

You did set the access point in use for the mailbox to 'GPRS Web' didn't you?

Here are my mailbox settings (which I use with the above GPRS Web access point);[list]
Mailbox Name:
Access point in use: GPRS Web
My mail address:
Outgoing mail server:
Send message: During next conn.
Send copy to self: No
Include signature: No
User name: ********
Password: ********
Incoming mail server:
Mailbox type: POP3[/list:u]


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I've finaly rec'd a message that I sent from my Hotmail account, but I don't seem to be able to send one. All I changed it to was High Speed GSM. Strange.

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Freeserve are gits for you having to connect via their service to use the e-mail. BTW you don't need 2 accounts if you use your hometime or anytime account from another number (like I did on my 9210) they just charge you normal local call rate.
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I've sorted it now, Mail in and out, cheers for all your help, this phone is amazing once you get it working.

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Having same probs with Frreseve


I'm having the same problems connecting to Freeserve and receiving and sending mail. Could you tell me the settings for this as it is doing my head in.

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Here in Holland it is not possible to send E-mails through the Vodafone
SMTP server receiving is no problem

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i would also like 2 know the settings for freeserve, i use O2 wap as my connection to it.. cheeers


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