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New version of SBSH SafeWallet for S60 released!

Hi everyone
We've recently released a new version of our most popular SafeWallet application to version 1.2.1

First I'd like to explain to you what SafeWallet is.

SafeWallet Pro is a secure storage application designed to help you manage all your private information in one secure solution! This can be credit cards information, passwords, online accounts information, web-sites, emergency contacts, bank account details and much more! The application is based on templates/cards structure organized inside wallets, so you can create cards for different information structures and organize those within any folder structure based on your needs. New cards are created based on templates, although you can completely edit existing cards by adding new fields, removing fields and so forth.


SafeWallet is built of two applications - a desktop version and a S60 version.

What's New With SafeWallet for S60 1.2.1?

1. S60 Client: Many Bug Fixes and Code Optimization

For the past few months we've been gathering a lot of input posted here at our forums by our users. As part of this new release we've been going through these reports and working to fix as many of the various bugs. Along with bug fixes, we've been also working on many new great code improvements!. Altogether, this new SafeWallet release is the fastest and most stable SafeWallet release we've had until today! You will notice these improvements while working with SafeWallet on your phone and enjoy speed improvement and a stable application user experience!

2. S60 Client: Better Card Customization

With this new version users can now change field position for a quicker, easier glance at your card details. This new change can be run while editing a card, from the menu -> Move -> Up/Down.

3. PC Companion: Brand New Syncing Manager

As part of the changes with the PC Companion part of SafeWallet we've completely re-designed and re-coded the SafeWallet Sync Manager from the beginning. The new Sync Manager provides a single interface to sync your wallets with any type of smart phone, unlike the older version which required a different sync-manager component to sync your wallets with different types of mobile devices.

This combining of all platforms in to one syncing manager tool helped us decrease the size of the sync manager and SafeWallet installation in total very nicely. The new interface is far more user friendly and provides users with far better syncing experience.

Furthermore, we've implemented better error reporting so that the new Sync Manager will provide users with more informative notifications in case of an error during the syncing. For example, with older versions, users who tried to sync their wallets but didn't have Nokia PC Suite installed (which is required for syncing) got a general error message without any details what is causing this problem. With this new version the Sync Manager will present users with a proper error message indicating that they need to install Nokia PC Suite for the syncing to work. Many similar improvements were added that should improve the overall syncing process for users and make it far easier and nicer

4. PC Companion: Wallet Import Wizard Improvements

A second portion that was dramatically improved with today's new release at the PC Companion part is the Wallet Wizard Import.

For those who are not familiar with it, the Wallet Import Wizard tool helps you import wallets from different wallet apps to SafeWallet without having to manually enter your entire wallet content - making it much easier to start enjoying the benefits SafeWallet offers! Additionally, the Import Wizard offers ability to import data from custom CSV files, so if you have a long list of data in CSV format you can import it directly to SafeWallet with some basic CSV editing too!

With the new version we've added import from several new wallet-like apps to enable more users to import wallets to SafeWallet. We've also fixed bug reports that we've received from users who reported problems importing their wallets from some of the wallet-apps t hat were already supported by the SafeWallet Wallet Import Wizard, so the import process is now more robust and bug free!

Another small bug fix that we've included is a quick fix for the Custom CSV online tutorial link - which was missing with the last version and now working nicely. This is nothing major - but will definitely save some support questions from confused users that stumbled across this bug with the previous version and good to have this fixed too.

5. PC Companion: Design and Speed

As soon as you launch the new SafeWallet PC Companion you will notice some of the new design elements that we've implemented - starting with the new Wallet Password Entry dialog design and many of the other dialogs. We've now adopted a new cleaner and better looking design in many part of the application. Apart from the new UI that feels better, this also helped us improve the loading speed very nicely so SafeWallet PC Companion loads faster now and works faster in general.

The components re-design we've implemented with today's new update is a first portion of a larger re-design plan we are working on which will be continued as part of the upcoming update too

SafeWallet for S60 1.2.1 Download Links

Click here to download SafeWallet 1.2.1 PC installer - including both PC Companion and S60 client (EXE)

Click here to download SafeWallet 1.2.1 OTA installation - including only S60 client (SIS)

* The OTA SIS file supports both 3rd edition and 5th edition devices.
** When downloading the OTA version, you will need to download the PC Companion later in order to update the PC Companion version too.

Good day all! :2thumbs:
Roy Weinberg,
Symbian Department Manager,
SBSH Mobile Software.

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good stuff. what's the main differences between this and spb wallet?
are your card templates up to date? i.e. the cards reflect the proper versions of the banks visually?
....hello, N8


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