All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Originally Posted by mafty View Post
18 hours, 34 minutes and 10 seconds is not exactly XpressMusic is it?

Uncle Ben's would make a quicker one!!

mafty, i owe you a pint!

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Originally Posted by d420 View Post

mafty, i owe you a pint!
I'll settle for a virtual John Smiths - Cheers!!

Glad you fixed it!

Di! Ecce hora! Uxor mea me necabit!

Phone history 3310-3330-3410-3510-8210-8310-7110-6310i-N95-5800XM

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Cool Nokia 5800 has become a brick lol

Nope its not help need some assistance thanks

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I think I have a similar issue.

My 5800 won't charge or turn on. It just starts up with the white screen an suddenly turns off, on an infinite loop.

Can I try this too? The only difference is that my 5800 is rm-428, does anybody have the FW to flash my 5800?

My 5800 is rm-428 and FW 31.2.101.

I've already tried to change the battery and hard reseting it, but it won't even turn on!!!

Thanks in advance!

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Originally Posted by mafty View Post
Your phone's not necessarily dead, but it'll need a bit of work on your part.
First, you need to know your product code - it's under your battery.

WARNING: Use this mod at your own risk! You may damage your phone. Please read the whole thread before starting flashing your phone!

Update: For new firmware:

Press and hold GREEN + RED + CAMERA when powering up.Keep the keys pressed until you get the shaking hands. That should fully reset the device, with a lock code of 12345.

This is only available on phones with 20.0.012 or later.


Files needed.
2.Firmware file

Steps are simple
1.Download Phoenix here

2.Download your firmware files and flash your dead phone. (Follow Picture guide)
Download your choice of Firmware package.
Nokia 5800 RM-356 EMEA(Europe) here ...
Nokia 5800 RM-356 APAC(Asia Pacific) here ...

Step by Step guide to flash your mobile, with pictures showing what to click.

Connect your phone with the USB cable. Leave it OFF. Remove your SD Card

Wait for the message to Press Power On Button, then do so.

You're done! Phone Flashed/Revived.

Also works for other models if you have their firmware package.
Please reply if this helped you or if you have had any issues.

This guide is modified from an original by ElevenX - credit where credit is due!!

Hey mafty, great post. I have a similar problem with my N97, I followed your tutorial and was able to reflash my phone, but I still have the same problem, the phone won't boot, I'm guessing that it is because the FW I used to flash it with, is not the one from the original Product code, cause the one with the original product code is not available yet on the latest version, so it won't let me flash with an older one from the original product code....

Do you know anything I can do to unbrick my phone?
Any way to force the complete flash? cause I read in some other forums that the flash takes around 5 minutes... But mine only took around 1 minute and something... It said flash Successfull, and all, but then the phone doesn't boot.
Also, when before flashing I press the options button, I can see that there are only 4 or 5 files loaded from the total of 7 or 8 files available from the FW...

Then what happens when I turn the phone on is, I see the NOKIA word... then it turns white... and then NOKIA again.... blank.... endless loop.....

Has anyone had a similar problem before?

Please, any help is appreciated!!!

Thanks to everyone for all the info posted already.

Oh, I just saw on the screen now, after a while that loop finally leads to a black screen dysplaying this error message: "Phone start-up failed. Contact the retailer."

Please help anyone.

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Hi, new user here, just wanted to say thanks for posting these instructions. I had no idea why my 5800 died this week but I found this forum through a Google search and now it's flashed, up and running perfectly.

So... thanks!

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firmware needed

Hello all.
My daughter's 5800 was bricked during a recent upgrade. I have tried the steps in this post, but when I try to install the firmware file on my computer, I get a pop-up stating "Nokia firmware RM-356 EMEA 4 must be installed first". It appears that a major version must be installed before the minor can be installed so that phoenix can use it.

I have a couple of questions.
  • Does anyone have a working link to a major version?
  • Most recent I have seen is V.14 (51.0.006) I think, would it be best to use the most recent version I can get hold of, or just use any previous major version, and assuming it works, go through the update process through the newly resurrected phone?

many thanks


5800, bricked

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