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Nokia N86 Purchase

Hello all, I'm considering to buy the Nokia N86 and I would like to hear some opinions and suggestions from you phone gurus.

I used to have a N80 before the screen died on me and I am currently using the SE K550i. I'm a big fan of the N-series, but I am really concerned with the build quality and the OS stability. Most reviews I've seen/read say the N86's build quality is improved from the N85 (which had terrible build quality I hear), but I have also read horror stories where the N86's sliders would get really loose. I'd like to hear some of you N86 owners talk about how the overall build quality is for your phone (especially the slider) and how stable the OS is.

When I had my N80, the slider got pretty loose after a month or so and it got worse as time went on. It also had stability issues, it would just randomly restart itself for no reason. (My friend's N82 also has this problem) There are times when it would restart while it's sitting on my desk with no programs running. I've tried doing a hard reset, updating firmware, etc but to no avail. I hope the N86 is not plagued with these issues.

After my N80 broke, I got a SE k550i which is not a smartphone, but I liked how it had dedicated buttons for playing music, controlling volume, and it also has a lens cover for its camera. All of those things the N80 didn't have, but the N86 has, so I'm excited about that. I also liked SE's snappy interface compared to my N80.

Features that I plan on using from the most on the N86 are its music player, web browser, camera, and FM transmitter.

Any opinions or suggestions about the phone would be highly appreciated! Thanks for your time!

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I've had my N86 for 3 months now, and I have been very impressed with the build quality. I wasn't expecting it to be good after reading some horror stories.

The firmware is at a fairly reliable stage, but still has a few more updates left to come I would guess.

Camera is great, and FM transmitter has worked fine for me.

I'm not a great believer of this 'Made in Finland' is best malarky. My N86 is made in China, and I would class the build quality as superb.
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Appreciate the reply Steve_R, why do you think there are still more firmware updates? Are there things that still need to be fixed in your opinion?

It's funny what you brought up about the build quality. I've read that some Nokia phones that are made in China have better build quality than the ones made in Finland!

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I upgraded in late July from an N95-1 to an N86-1 (both Orange branded) and can offer the following observations.

Build quality
The N86 slider is much tighter than the N95, even after 6 months use.
The case although tricky to open is none the less good quality.
I have however had some issues with the phone.
The D-Pad centre select button began to lift off my original phone and was replaced under warantee.
There is a known issue wth the front glass panel where dust is somehow able to sneak inside the case and slowly spreads across the bottom of the screen - This should also be covererd by warantee but at the moment I can't be bothered to get it swapped out as I have the phone just how I want it.
The firmware updates (the phone has FOTA & User Data Preservation which protects the contents of your Mass storage and optional Micro SD card,so the backup really only protects your contacts and messages, are a good idea but not always required) mostly cover improvements to the camera but have also covered some of the early stability issues. I occasionally have to pull the battery out when the phone starts to mess around and won't switch off (everything else works though) but this is fairly infrequent.

Admittedly, I'm now several firmware versions down due to the notoriously slow (if ever) Networks approval process but that's part and parcel of the subsidised route that I've chosen to follow.

The music player is the standard N-series player and does the job, the FM transmitter is pertty good as well (much better than the external offering available to owners of handsets that don't have this feature built in), it also redirects the Satnav instructions via the car stereo.

The OVI messaging app (e-mail on the go) is also an excellent addition as long as you have a data plan.

It was a toss up in July whether I upgraded to the N97, the N86 or stuck with the N95 for a while longer, I'm glad I chose the N86.


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Thanks for the detailed response, megapack162!

I'm glad you brought up the 'dust behind the screen' problem because I was not aware of that before. Doing a quick google search on "n86 dust under screen" came up with quite a few posts in regards to this problem. A lot of the owners claim to have only had the N86 for a few weeks, and there's already dust underneath their screens!

I currently have the same problem with my SE K550i. Every 2-3 months or so I'd have to open up the housing and clean off the dust. It's rather annoying :/

It almost seems like a gamble when you buy a Nokia phone now a days. You read good reviews, but for every good review, there's always a few bad ones.

I'll wait a few weeks for the next MWC to come around and see what Nokia has to offer. I really want to get the N86 because of all the features it has, but I'd also hate to spend $380 and receive a bad phone.


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