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Can you enter pin number when unlocking keypad?


What i want to do is when i unlock the phone/keypad on my i8910, (using the button on the side), i want to be able to enter some sort of pin number in order to unlock it.

Is this at all possible?

I have looked at the phone and SIM security settings, and put a number in the "lock code", assigned a number, but it does not seem to work?

Thanks and look forward to replies.

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You're one step away - in the menu page for where you put in your choice of numeric code, there was also an option for 'phone autolock period' - the minimum I think is 1 minute.

Also, I like to have the
Auto keyguard option
set to on.
(so when you hit the lock button on the right hand side of the handset it autolocks.

NB As the phone autolock period minimum time i find is one minute, then the numeric code lock takes at least one minute to start (?) Perhaps someone else out there can tell us how to make the numeric code start immediately the lock button is pressed...

Full routings:

Menu -> settings -> device -> Device management

Auto keyguard (on)

then continue drilling down the menus from here to:
-> Security -> Phone and Sim card ->

Lock code (your choice of numbers)

and set:

Phone autolock period (at least 1 minute)

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another comment - as you can see, if you are at home & use WiFi, you don't want to keep putting in your lock code, but as you can see from above, it is arduous to set, and de-activate, the lock code.
Perhaps someone else can point us to some freeware where you can get to these menus (or any menu option in fact) via a shortcut on the homescreen? I know how to do this with WinMo, y'know, define your own shortcuts to things, but in Symbian, I haven't figured it out yet.
e.g. on the Homescreen, can you define a shortcut to whatever you want? & what tools do you need? So far on the i8910 and the Orange UK firmware xxIE2 I have only found one homescreen that allows you to have 4 user shortcuts (+ the 4 fixed ones at the bottom), and these can only link to installed programs. I don't like widgets as they clutter the homescreen. I just want 4 or 8 user definable shortcuts that take me to the places I use / options I change... the most.


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