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Question Video calling?

Have you ever used it??

I've had video calling enabled phones for last few years, had some inclusive minutes on my price plans, so did my mates but still - I DON'T KNOW A SINGLE PERSON THAT HAS EVER USED IT!

How about you guys (and girls)?

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I use it as often as I can. I dont live in a 3G area though and O2 have no plans of upgrading the edge signal round here to 3G.

I only use it because video calling is included in my free minutes. Although exactly how I am not sure. For instance I get unlimited o2 to o2 calls but I am not sure if this includes video calls too. I know if I do make a video call it just uses up my minutes from my 400 included bundle.

It is a good feature and pretty clear you know... try it

Anyone used international video calling?

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Beer International Video Calls

are just great.. when its affordable..
for a while Voda had a deal $2 (thats like about 60p) for 10minutes so I was calling mates in Japan and the UK all the time. now at $2 per minute I've stopped.
Calling folks from the big match, a concert or someones birthday party is the norm .. but if its affordable I would be using it more often. Especially with the TV out feature so the whole gang can share the fun

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It costs me about 50ppm and doesn't come out of my allowance.

Hence I don't use it.

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Im not spending money for people to see my ugly mug, and more to the point, no-one wants to spend money to see my ugly mug.

So no, other than a 3 minute very annoying effort with a V3 some years ago, I havent.

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I've used on several ocassions:
- when I was trying to find out what was wrong with my car engine I called someone who knew where to look and with video calling he could see what I was doing and guided me
- when I want to share a view of something like where they placed a new monument or a new store that's appeared somewhere
- I guided someone to a bar that was a bit more hidden. We established a video connection and he held the mobile at chest level and I kept saying "a little more, now left, now right... "

Still it's less than 1% of my phone usage. At most I use it 2 or 3 times per year.

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dont the networks publish figures on their network usage that would make interesting reading

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I worked for a Telco for 12years starting in 94 (pre-GSM in Australia) and they supported SMS fairly early in the piece once they started deploying GSM everywhere, and said "you watch, SMS will be huge". We used it instead of the pager, but it wasn't popular to begin with, that is for sure. I didn't believe them that it would take off, but look now! It took a number of years before it became popular.
The telco said the same thing a few years ago about video calling, the jury is still out about this. While they still ream anyone attempting to make a video call, it may not reach the popularity they are hoping .. but then kids/teens (who's parents pay the bills) don't care about the price normally :-), and it is kids that really drove the popularity of SMS also.


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