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Nokia E90 Camera button problem - software replacement?


I tried searching for similar threads, but it was no good... I found nothing.


I have a camera button problem with my Nokia E90. The problem is - I don't have a camera button. My friend dropped my phone and lost it.
He lost the keypad, but the button was still connected to the phone's motherboard, but after few presses (without a dropped keypad) the button fell out of motherboard (to be precise - the harware part was broken). So that is how I lost it.
Since I don't have that button anymore I cannot take any pictures with my camera.

So I am wondering... If there is any software/application (third party, or whatever) that can make my center button (center in the directional pad on the cover part of the phone) to 'act' like a camera shutter release?
To be more accurate - software that will allow me ta capture images when I press the center button (instead of camera button [which I don't have anymore]).

I found only one software that can do such thing. It is called Zensis PhotoRite. But the quality of taken photos is strange and I don't like the whole software. And when I move my camera left-right it is so slow... very slow... I just don't like PhotoRite. I tried it, and uninstalled it.

I also tried out these two nice applications:
- VirtualKey
- MagicKey

They both work, and can map one key to another (for example: I mapped the key '1' to key '2' so when i press 1, number 2 prints on the screen -> I've done this with VirtualKey).
But when I try to map a key (I tried key '5', 'backpace ('C' key), menu key, voice key (key that starts voice recorder), and center key) to a 'camera' key, this mapped key works like it isn't mapped at all! To be more accurate: When I map key 'menu' to 'camera', when I try to take picture it opens a menu. When I map it to key '5' or 'C' it does nothing!

So I am asking you guys... Is there any other software? Or... How can I setup these two apps to work correctly?
Note: when I use VirtualKey on my Nokia 5800 XM, the camera key mapping also won't work.
Also... is there any software that could record videos with central (or any other) button? It can be 2 different softwares, or one that does both.
If the software exists, please tell me the its name!

Thanks in advance!

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You can login into MSN Messenger and you can login into My Space by using the Internet Browser in the phone.


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