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Software for the 5800 XM

I'm waiting for my new Nokia 5800 XM to be shipped and I am starting to look for software. I will spend awhile just using and learning the stock software and, in many cases, it may be good enough. But I find software I think I would like, I will post links here, partly to help other folks new to the 5800, but also so wiser folks can say "Oh, no, you don't want to put THAT on a 5800."

My main concern is how do I know the software is compatible with the Nokia 5800 XM with Symbian S60 5.0? Can I assume that if it is compatible for 3.0, it is ok for 5.0? Does software that has not been adapted for the touchscreen stll work ok? Or should I not trust anything that doesn't explicitly say compatible with the 5800/ S60 5.0? Any help with this version compatiblity stuff would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the categories of apps I will be looking for (in no particular order). Any suggestions are welcome. Freeware or payware, doesn't matter. If the program is good, I'm more than happy to pay for it.

1. PIMS. This is probably taken care of, my needs are not very complex. I would like to sync with Outlook, though if there is a good alternative I will consider it. Coming from a Palm, I will be interested in Pimlico Java version of Datebk6, Pimlical, if it is ever adapted for Symbian.

2. Password keeper. I use SplashID. There is a Symbian version, but it doesn't work with the touchscreen interface of the 5800. I have requested they make a compatible version. I may just wait and see if they do. Whatever I get to replace it, I would like a desktop component as well, if possible.

3. Office applications. Right now I'm assuming Quick Office, but would be openn to other suggestions.

4. Music. One might assume on a phone called XpressMusic, what it has on it will be sufficient, but one never knows. Playback is not hard, but I do want plenty of control: playlists, equalizer, screen off while playing as an option, crossfade would be nice, shuffle. Being able to work with a desktop music library and management tool like iTunes would b nice (I love iTunes even though I haven't ever owned an iPod and I don't buy from the iTunes store). However, any other desktop is fine. I will not use Real Player.

5. Video. I would like to encode my own video from DVD and have it play back in landscape mode on my 5800.

6. Good utilities to make life easier and get the most out of the device. This can be and edless category, but the most important functions are file manger and backup program.

7. eBooks. Are there any good ebook programs for the 5800. I don't know if ereader for Symbian works on the 5800. If it did, I would be very happy.

That's good for starters. Feel free to suggest other categories.


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Originally Posted by Hooksym View Post
Can I assume that if it is compatible for 3.0, it is ok for 5.0?
Abolutely not. It might work but I have already encountered one (Java) app that should have worked via the virtual D-pad if it were not for the fact that the app drew itself in a screen the size of postage stamp.

PC suite provides backup software and an adequate file manger, for me anyway.

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Ok, here is the beginnings of I'm putting together after much reasearch. Keep in mind that I am mostly interested in replacing PDA functions for the moment, coming from a Palm TX. No phon apps, no social networking, no email. It might be easier if I hadn't picked the newest revision of S60 for touchscreens.

I'll add more as I find them and I'll happily take suggestions. I'll also come back and report if I start using them. All of this is in the future. I don't get my 5800 until Tuesday and I will start out, as I have said, with the default apps.

S60 revision 5 compatible apps:

MobiSystms OfficeSuite 5

Not only compatible (recently updated), but Office 2007 compatible. And, only $20 until the end of April.

SBSH SafeWallet Pro

I may wait for SplashID (see below), but this would be a fine replacement complete with desktop component.

Handy Taskman

A nice set of system tools that I suspect will come in, well, Handy.


An excellent freeware file manager that has just been updated for the 5800. HERE are screenshots from the 5800.


OK, is a Palm emulator without sync worth 50 Bucks? Dunno, I suspect not. However, I may at least get around to trialing it. $50 bucks for eReader?

S60 revision 3 compatible apps that I hope to test and/or see updated:

Quickoffice Premiere 6

Actually, with the price difference beyween this and the Mobioffice suite, it may be moot, but I have a query in to them about a revision 5 version.


They have actually said they are working on a version for the 5800.


I have queried Splashdata and they have responded that they will "note my interest." I can probably wait awhile and keep using SplashID on my TX. We'll see.


Again, have a query in to them. If eReader doesn't work, I'll have to use it on my TX for now. It's possible this version might work, but the 5800 isn't supported.

Okay, that's the big ones. Still haven't really researched good freeware. That's next.

More as I find them.


5800, software

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