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I would to know something about pushmail.
I know that with push mail it's possibile receive mail in automatic,similar to sms...
but I don't undestand if the system controls for example mail every 5 minutes, or server mail sends in automatic to my phone (in both cases i pay gprs/umts connection,but in the first case I pay at every access for control if there are new mail,in second case only when server sends message because a new mail is's true?)....

I have an hotmail account and I would automatic message receive in my phone (similar outlook)...
i know that there are this software: mail for exchange, emoze and morange(java)
in the site of emoze I didn't understand how work this push mail

i'm confused..someone can explain me how work push mail and which program must I use and how configurate it for receive real time email(similar sms)?

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Ok, here goes...

Push email means that there is a constant data connection between your phone and the mail server. This usually requires the server to be running Microsoft Exchange and your phone to be running a client i.e. Mail for Exchange (free from Nokia Website), RoadSync (, $32.98) or similar. Emoze is different and I will get to that shortly.

The idea is that your phone and the server are always in contact and whenever an email comes through the server will 'push' it down your data connection to the phone straight away.
The other method you're refering to where your phone checks for email every 5 minutes is polling and your phone can do this out of the box. Check in the email settings in the Messaging app.

The benefits of push email are obviously that you get your email almost as soon as it appears on the server, and also it can sync your calendar and contact, task, etc too. The downside is that it'll use a small amount of data to keep your connection active which is not so great if you're not on an unlimited data plan and also it'll shorten your battery life considerably. It's really down to personal preference which solution you choose.

Emoze is push email of a different sort. It offers the solution above whereby it connects to an exchange server (there may be some cost involved in this) and also a free (last time I checked) client which you can download and install on your home computer. The idea being that you leave the desktop client and outlook running at all times. When you receive a new email on your computer Emoze sucks it out of Outlook and sends it to your phone. In my experience the Emoze client was always much much quicker than the other clients I've mentioned already. This obviously also requires that your data connection is always on too. Oh and it does calendar and contacts, etc too. Since you said you're using a hotmail account I think this will be the best option for you since hotmail is not Exchange and so won't puch your mail anywhere. Hotmail also doesn't allow automatic forwarding to another email address that I know of. What you'll have to do it set outlook to check for new mail at short intervals (e.g. 1 min if you like) and then Emoze will push it to your phone.

Hope this has been of some help, sorry its turned into War and Peace.

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.....nice one, I found that very useful myself !

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thank you very much..
2 question:
1-how can I communicate between outlook and client emoze?
2-I didn't understand for hotmail...I understood that for hotmail is better install emoze in phone..and in pc?and how communicate with phone?


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If you download the emoze client on your PC it will install a small application onto the PC, which when left running along-side Outlook will 'listen' for any new emails which Outlook receives. It will then in turn push that email to your phone through the internet. This of course means that you have to leave your home PC on all the time, something you don't have to worry about if you're using an Exchange server for your mail.

So in answer to your questions:

1) Emoze will do this automatically so long as you leave both Emoze and Outlook running on your PC. The client can be downloaded by following this link -

2) Hotmail is not a POP3 email system, it is HTML (Hence you have to view your email through the web page). Luckily Outlook supports retrieving mail from Hotmail so as long as you've got Outlook set up to connect to hotmail and download your email on a regular basis Emoze will then push it through to your phone when it arrives.

Think of Emoze as being two pieces of software and not just the one on your phone. Half of it lives on your PC and half on your phone. They are both in constant contact with each other via your data connection and when you get a new email the one on your PC sends it to the one on your phone.

Hope this has been of some help.

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Excellent post Aurial, I have another question for you.

I recently upgraded from a windows mobile phone to a Nokia N96. I installed the latest MFE on my N96 and configured it to sync from my work exchange server. Everything syncs ok but if I have the connection set to always on my data usage goes through the roof. The connection monitor is constantly ticking over and only takes about 10 min to reach 1mb in and 1mb out.
I have checked on an E70 and an N958GB at work which have the exact same settings, both of these handsets work properly when the connection is set to always on.

The MFE "current status" on my phone is constantly flicking between connected and syncing where the other Nokia phones just says connected.

I tried Roadsync, and when I tried to set it to constantly on it couldn't sync at all saying there was some unknown error, when I set it to sync every 30min it worked fine.

The problem seems to lie with the phone rather than the software as it was MFE 2.7 which was installed on both the N96 and N958GB.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

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I currently use Emoze. You do not have to put anything on your PC, just install it to your phone and set it up. It will work with POP3 accounts so you will have to forward (which you can do with Hotmail) your hotmail account to a pop3 account. You should have atleast one POP3 account allowed with your Internet Service Provider. Simply set up your emoze client to use this account and have your Hotmail account forwarded to it. That's how I have mine set up.

Another tip, I don't keep Emoze running constantly, I just turn it on when I want to check for email and then disconnect once I've checked them.

I prefer Emoze over the phones email retrieval program because when you delete an email on your phone with Emoze it deletes it immediately but with the phone's built in program, you have to wait until you resync again and delete the message off your server before the header deletes from your phone.

Good luck.

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