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Old 03-01-2012, 08:03 AM
barsznica barsznica is offline
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Angry N8 anna symbian problem downgrade crash freeze failure pathetic sad lame disapoint di

*there are no fixes, tricks or remedies here*

-not responsive, then sometimes almost too sensitive, inaccurate touch screen input (anna)

+micro usb & 2mm charge

+awesome photos and videos

+hdmi output is great, but no composite out (yellow rca)

+good apps, but can't find a fishing prediction app, I-bricks (Iphone) hav them

-i personally don't like "conversation" messaging, i keep as little as possible in my inbox

+having a usb input and fm transmitter are awesome features

-browser hard to control, does its own random scrolling (anna)

-hav had flash player icon appear instead of vid, only once though (anna?)

-browser not as fast as promised, using wi-fi to access my adsl2+ running approx 8Mbits/sec

-didn't allow me to enter fields on a nokia discussions page, kept pressing the field, but the keyboard didn't want yo appear (anna)

-can't go backwards through work predictions (okia (formally refered to as nokia))

-predictive text is unintuative, have to pick through obviouly invalid predictions, over and over, with no learning funtionality, i've seen erricsons predict whole words after 2 characters, and it takes into accout grammer (okia)

-phone still refering to ovi, even though it no longer is valid (okia)

-who came up with and what the hell is an ”ovi" anyway? Only Vague Interface?

+the suites and store hav actually been quite good, but the name is confusing and lacks any relavence (okia)

-For some reason i don't get a portrait keyboard, have to keep flipping side to side (as on preview vidoes and other okia press announcementst (anna)

-software designers had consideration for previous nokia users, until anna

-Till the n8 was released, okia software has always been bad, but i still like okia hardware, best being n82 (tough, capable & reliable s/ware & h/ware (okia))

-quotation marks in different screen while texting (anna)

-”texting" & "thankyou" (so far) not in dictionary (anna)

-not intuative enough even to recognise capital i when gramatically neccessary (okia)

-non responsive touch screen vs n97 (had good responsive stylus compatible t-screen, okia decided not to stick with what worked)

-on first boot i entered ovi password incorrectly, so i went ”back” and then from then on, the entry fields weren't visable, this was during an anna updade though, but it seemed ready, manual reboot resolved this glitch (anna)

-first ever boot b4 anna phone locked-up (okia)

-an access point has appeared as a bookmark? So wierd! (anna)

-can't view whole mobile formatted google web page, seriously! (anna)

-after n97 I was not going to buy another nokia (Ipoo, now I hav discovered android htc 3d)

-really bad usability, very inaccurate, want to downgrade operating system, not even interested in bella, which will only let us down even more! (anna)

-incorrectly formatted pages for web page log-ins (anna)

+maybee android will make this decent piece of hardware work, jail-break seems 2 b da way 2 go

-hav had countless misses on keyboard up 2 now, getting used to it though (previous to anna was much more accurate)

-try TYPING "to-do-note OR making a to-do-note! ", there are 2 date entries with no label, cofusious! (anna)

-ANd the capitals & mistakes in the last (plus coutless more I hav corrected) are examples of anna!

-everything is soooo much harder 2 type now (anna)

-nokia eats dog balls as appitisers

-I am hating this experience, everyone snould know (anna)

-nokia sucs bcause they have not even listened or bothered to remedy all the issues with my n97 (mega siezing/ crashing with no updates since way too long (bout a year or more (okia))

-went through all settings, no sign of screen calibration anymore, which maybe the problem, why was it there b4 anna? (anna)

-i am sick of having to select, options, now playing, cancel, then options, again, then now playing again, just to resume my music after a power off or okia crash (okia)

-I've only had okias and persevered with them. I've had a 3210?, 6220, n71, n73, n82, n97 disaster, was aware of the n96 disaster, n8 (happy till Anna came and f-ed everything up, just after i hav been bragging how good it WAS (anna)

-friend of mine has had lock ups & sim registration failures since she had the thing, and she only txts and makes phond calls! (b4 & after anna)

-by the way, my mate just showed me his htc playing a 3d movie, no glasses, really cool ((okia software not keeping up)

-apps appearing are only suitable for ”I-crud" & android, prob put android on this n8 (okia)

-can't go back to the previous os, that i was really happy with (okia)

-anna was written sooo bad that it requires 2 further updates

-after anna was loaded i saw a signal booster icon, i clicked on it and it vanished, never to b seen again (anna)

-all these issues hav appeared since anna & all within a day

-i cannot stress how i hav struggled to type all this with anna, anna has destroyed my phone, i am sad i let okia do this to me AGAIN!

-OKIA prob not even aware of its demise, but i guarantee they will b gone in the near future, unhappy new year okia for the last time!

-summary, AVOID ANNA LIKE THE PLAGUE, i hav had enough of nokia letting evryone down. Shame on u Okia SHAME!

Old 03-01-2012, 08:27 PM
zenobi97 zenobi97 is offline
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N8 Anna

Sorry to se you have all these problems... my experience with Anna has been absolutely the opposite!!

Really looking forward to Belle....

N8 rules for me

three other friends of mine are all happy N8 owners,

Better luck next time

Old 03-01-2012, 11:58 PM
barsznica barsznica is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2012
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barsznica is on a distinguished road
The problem might be only with Australian firmware.
Would like to hear more from Oz.


anna, crash, disapoint, downgrade, failure, freeze, lame, pathetic, problem, sad, symbian

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