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Article 3230 Beep Petition?

No one likes the Goddam Beep.
I've yet to experience the dreaded dust problem (touches wooden table) but the beep is really starting to get on my tits. Ive got about 7 days doing nothing during my holidays and i've had an idea.
I suggest that we create an email petition about the beep. We can put it everywhere, people don't have to own the phone, just put their name and how much they hate the beep. Something like "this beep is ruining the phone". This isn't the most original idea ever but if we can get together 2000 (it's alot but on average every person knows 100 other people so in theory there should be plenty of us) or more complaining customers threatening to boycott the phone and demand refunds then Nokia will have no option put do something about the sodding beep. It shouldn't bother me so much but it really does! It's the fact that I cant put it on vibrate when necessary because of the lil bib. My email address is (maybe not smartest move ever, putting my email on the web) and i'd be willing to organise this petition with other willing volunteers.
let's kill the beep

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I have just replyed to an email from nokia in which they say my phone seems to be in isolated case as they have no other record of this from any other customers.

I have sent them a list of links from this forum and others of loads of people with problems, so i cannot see how they can say this.
i have also set up a poll in this thread asking for votes so i can get an idea of how many people from this forum have complained to nokia.
hope you and others add there votes.

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Nice one.
I took my phone to the Nokia care centre today where they told me that they didn't have the equipment to put a tiny bit of frimware on my phone. Give me the goddam software! I'll do it myself! I have to say that the way that Nokia are handling the 3230 situation is appalling. I have never recieved such bad costumer service from a UK based company. Nice one Nokia


3230, beep, petition

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