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Lightbulb Sendo X - FAQ

All Sendo X FAQs and information can be accessed at the Sendo Smartphones website at

Please read this for any general / not so general questions about the Sendo X. Hopefully this will save hunting around for info.
Please feel free to add more of these to this thread, in the same style if possible, so everyone can save time getting to know what the phone is capable of.

This FAQ is based on one for the SX1, which MemphisX did. He kindly allowed me to use that as the base for this, so thanks to him for saving me a load of typing!!

Q: Where can I find more details about the Sendo X
A: For full details and specifications of the Sendo X, and support downloads, see the links on the main Sendo X page, here:

Q: How much user memory (disk space) does the Sendo X have?
A: It has 32MB user memory built in. About 30MB is free for the user to store programs and data (contacts/messages/music/video files).
It also has a memory card slot to expand the handset memory even further.

Q: What memory cards does the Sendo X support?
A: The Sendo X supports both MMC and SD cards. A 1GB SanDisk SD card has been tested OK. RS-MMC / Mini-SD / TransFlash SD cards also work, with an adapter.
The back cover needs to be removed to swap cards, but NOT the battery.

Q: How much RAM does the Sendo X have?
A: It has 16MB RAM. After the start-up/boot, With a clean system (no 3rd party apps installed), you have about 4.5MB of free RAM for applications to run in.
This is generally fine for most games and applications.

Q: I've heard something about a "proper" keyboard for the Sendo X. What is that all about?
A: There is an expandable keyboard available for the Sendo X as an accessory. It is quite compact, and when expanded is only just smaller than the keyboards on laptop computers. Also, there are different layouts, for various countries, not just English versions.

Q: Is there a handsfree (loudspeaker) mode on the Sendo X for making calls?
A: Yes. The Sendo X supports a speakerphone mode. This is also available when the handset is in the cradle or keyboard.

Q: Where can I find ringtones, games and applications for my Sendo X?
A: Your own network operator may have things on their site. Also search the following sites: The Sendo website also offers these, and other accessories:

Q: The program "xyz" doesn't work with my Sendo X, am I doing something wrong?
A: Although most of the programs designed for Nokia Series 60 handsets (7650/3650/6600) will work OK on the Sendo X there may be some that don't.
If you are having a problem, check the website of the developer to see if the Sendo X is officially supported, and maybe contact them for support on your problem.

Q: Can I play N-Gage games on the Sendo X?
A: Although ways exist to install them onto non-N-GAGE handsets, please do not ask how to do it here. It is against the rules.

Q: Where can I find codes/keygen/cracks for programs?
A: Please do not discuss anything related to WAREZ or CRACKS here. It is against the rules.

Q: What is the Funny Farmer game?
A: It is a simulation type of game about running a farm. You need to plant crops, buy buildings, look after your animals, sell produce, make pies, etc. It's quite addictive once you get into it.

Q: What is a SIS file?
A: A SIS file is a type of ZIP file for Symbian devices. Make sure you only install Series 60 ones however, as there are versions for other Symbian based devices (eg: Psion Revo and 5MX) that will not work.

Q: What is a JAR/JAD file?
A: A JAR file is a JAVA program. The JAD file is the JAVA Description file associated with the JAR file. Generally only the JAR file is needed to install the program.

Q: How do I install new programs from my PC onto my Sendo X?
A: There are a few methods to choose from, depending on the file type (JAR or SIS)
  • Send the SIS or JAR file to the handset using BlueTooth or IrDA. It will appear as a new message on the handset. Go to read the message. The system will realise it is a new program and go to install it. Various messages will appear, including to install the program to main memory or memory card. Answer as needed. Program is now installed.
  • SIS files can be installed using the Sendo PC Connect program which has an Install routine. Browse to the SIS file. Select Install. Various messages will appear, including to install the program to main memory or memory card. Answer as needed. Program is now installed.
  • JAR files cannot be directly installed using the Sendo PC Connect program. However, using the file browser it can be done. Transfer the JAR file to the C:Nokia/Installs folder. On the handset, load the JAVA control program (in Tools). It will say there are uninstalled programs. Press RIGHT to see the DOWNLOADED tab. The new file is here. Select it to install it. Press RIGHT to go back to the list after it is installed to do any others you transferred.
    NB: This method can also be used for SIS files. Transfer them to the same folder as above. On the handset this time however, go into the Program Manager option (also in Tools). The new programs are at the bottom of the list. Installed programs have a cube symbol next to them, on the right. The not installed programs do not. Select the file, and choose Install. Various messages will appear, including to install the program to main memory or memory card. Answer as needed. Program is now installed.

Q: Can I use Nokia 6600 themes on the Sendo X?
A: Unfortunately you cannot. Those themes are only available for Series60 version 2.0 handsets (the Sendo X is version 1.2)
Sendo have their own Theme system however, and themes can be downloaded from here:

Q: My MMC / SD card does not work in my Sendo X
A: When formatting on the PC, ensure you set the “File System” setting to FAT, and not NTFS or FAT32.

Q: Can I use a Bluetooth headset or carkit to listen to music?
A: Yes, although it may depend on the headset/carkit. The quality is OK, but the supplied stereo headset is much better (NB: DO NOT USE THIS WHEN DRIVING :-)

Q: Can I watch movies and music videos on my Sendo X?
A: Yes. There are many clips and trailers available in formats that will play on the Sendo X.
You can also convert videos to work on your Sendo X. Visit these two threads on AAS for more details,Q: What zoom modes are on the camera and camcorder?
A: The camera and camcorder both have x2 and x4 zoom modes. The use them in the camera press right / left to see the various tabs. For the camcorder, press up/down on the joypad.

Q: What is the limit of the camcorder recording?
A: There is no limit, other than memory capacity. Note however that only about 100k can be sent via MMS, due to network limits, so use that setting if you want to send the video to someone as a message.

Q: Can I surf the internet with the Sendo X?
A: Yes. The Sendo X has the popular Opera browser built into the handset. You may also need to get your operator to enable this feature on your SIM, and may even be a chargeable option.

Q: How does the voice recognition program work?
A: Pressing one of the side buttons (depending if you are left or right handed) activates the Voice Signal program. Within that, you can dial someone, open a contact, open a program. It can be configured to add / remove programs from the list, which is good for when you add new programs. The voice dialling is very useful with the BlueTooth car kit and headset.

Q: What is the best way to get files onto my Sendo X?
A: The Sendo PC Connect package has a file browser routine to copy files to/from the Sendo X.
The fastest method is USB, then BlueTooth, then IrDA.
You could also save the files to your MMC/SD card using a USB card reader on the PC, then put the card into the Sendo X.

Q: Using a 3rd party file manager I have access to the Z: drive as well as some folders that are not shown using the built in programs. What are these and why can't I access them using the built in programs?
A: The built in programs only give you access to the Phone Memory (drive C) and MMC/SD card (drive E). They hide any system folders so that the user cannot accidentally damage the phone. By using a 3rd party file manager you can have access to the firmware (drive Z: - containing the OS) as well as the RAM drive (drive D: ) and some system folders. Every file on the RAM drive is deleted after a restart, so do not save files here.
It is important not to modify any file in the system folders.

Q: What are some good tips for keeping my phone safe?
A: Keep an up-to date backup of the phone on your memory card and also on your PC. This will mean your valuable programs and data are safe. This is always advisable BEFORE installing a new program (in case it does not work correctly) and then again AFTER the program has been tested (to keep it safe).
Having it on the memory card is really good too, as if you have a problem away from your PC, you can always clear the phone and restore it back to how it was.

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Q: What does DocView let me do?
A: With that program you can view a lot of different document types. The most common formats are built in. There is also an add-in pack on the CD to view even more file types. This is a viewer only program - you cannot alter the files.

Q: How do I get the correct MMS / WAP / e-mail / Internet settings onto my Sendo X?
A: Visit the Sendo “Over The Air” (OTA) configurator page, here:

Q: How do I return my Sendo X to the factory settings?
A: You can return the settings to defaults by choosing that option in the Tools / Settings / Phone / General / Original Phone Settings
You will be asked for a code. This is 12345 assuming you have not changed it.

Q: How can I format the phone memory?
A: Type *#7370# on the Now! screen. Make sure you have backup up your data first, as all data and settings will be lost. Also see below for a more severe method.

Q: My phone doesn't boot or turn on. It is charged OK, but will not turn on at all. Can I fix this myself?
A: First, try to turn on the phone without a memory card inserted. Next, try it without the SIM card.
If that does not seem to work, you may need to reformat the handset. This will clear ALL of the user memory, including data and programs. Hope you took a backup sometime recently! (see above)
To do this, turn on the phone with the 5 key pressed. A screen will appear saying to clear all of the memory. Select Yes to do it. If it works, the handset will power back on OK, and be like when you took it out of the box. Now restore your data and you will be back as good as new. Well, nearly.
If nothing happens then you will have to send it to your nearest Sendo Service Centre :-(

Q: How can I see the IMEI number on my phone?
A: Type *#06# to see your IMEI number. It is worth keeping a note of this in case the phone is stolen. The Police and your network providor can use this to “block” the handset.

Q: How can I see the software version number on my phone?
A: Type *#0000# to see the version and release date. To see even more info, go into Extras / About. The press RIGHT to see the System tab. The version info and date, and lots of other details are shown here. These may be needed if you need to contact Sendo support or the Sendo service centre.

Q: How can I update the firmware in my phone?
A: There is a USB update system to enable you to update your handset to the latest software version, see here:

Q: I cannot seem to find the answer to my question on the FAQ - help !
A: It is advisable before posting any new questions to search the All-About-Symbian forums first, and not just the Sendo X one. That is because most of the Series 60 handsets are similar, so other people, with other handset may have already asked that question. If it is a good one, why not make it into a Q&A type post, and put it here, to save others looking for it too.

Q: What sound file types are supported by the Sendo X, and which of them can I use as ringtones?
A: Sendo X can play MIDI, WAV and AMR. All of these types can be used as ringtones. It can also play MP3 with the built in MP3 player but MP3s cannot be used as ringtones. WMA files are not supported.

Q: How do I switch between programs or see what else is running on the Sendo X?
A: Press and hold the menu key. A vertical icon bar will appear on the left side of the screen showing all open programs. You can then scroll up/down to get to the desired one then choose select to continue using it. If a program is mis-behaving, then pressing the "C" key instead of the select key will attempt to abort the program. There are also commercial programs that do much more than this, listing a lot more about what is going on in the handset - one such example is AppMan.

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Q: I've heard something about a cradle for the Sendo X. What is it and what does it do?
A: There is a data cradle available as an accessory for the Sendo X. It allows you to charge the phone as a desktop charger, charge a spare battery at the same time as the phone, and has an USB interface to connect to a PC.

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Q: I'm still having problems getting my memory card to work...
A: Several people have said that after formatting their memory card on the phone, they are unable to use it in a standrard card reader. You need to change the way the card is formatted so that it is readable by both. Put the memory card into your card reader and go to "My Computer". Right-click on the removable drive that is your card reader (usually something like E: or F: ). Select Format and a new window will open. At the top of the window is a drop down box (i.e. a white box with a down arrow on the right hand side) which allows you to choose how you want to format it. Select "FAT" not "FAT32" and then click Quick Format. You should now find it works quite happily in both.
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Originally Posted by HDRW

Are you aware that all the links in the top two messages which refer to Sendo's web site are broken (give 404)? I presume they've had a reorganisation of their site and nothing is where it was when you wrote those messages...


Thanks for that, and they are now fixed, although the OTA one still isn't going for some reason. If you need one urgently, use the Nokia one, here, and "pretend it's a 3650, a bit cheeky I guess, but I am sure they won't mind! :-)

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Originally Posted by klickov
Hi Plinky

Do you know where I can get or buy Sendo X fascia or battery cover, please?

please visit the online store at

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Originally Posted by shaheer
hey all i didnt open tell me other side where i download sendo X theme or smart launcher pleaseeee
All Sendo X Themes are available at

Cheers, murphy
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faq, sendo

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