All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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A New N8

The 808's not coming down in price anytime soon, my N900 is pretty useless as a phone, the price of N8s is now about Ј150 on ebay, so I thought I'd splash out. First real experience of Symbian since the 5230 so interesting experience.
  • Performed Belle upgrade - painless
  • transferred data from other Nokia phone - painless
  • Set up mail, contacts, calendar, Ovi sync - pretty painless
  • Set up DLNA - about half a day, including searching for a small app that's available for Anna and not for Belle but is definitely required by Belle
  • Set up feed reader - only available from beta labs, so took a while to figure out
  • SIP - got it working with Voipfone with a lot of guesswork and a little app that's hidden away in the recesses of the interwebs in a locked filing cabinet behind a door marked "beware of the tiger"
  • Internet radio - reasonably painless
  • Select and load various 'essential' utility apps from Nokia Store - about half a day due to the store's deplorable uselessness (I've never got the 'search' function to work and it kept crashing, (maybe due to the storm on the West Coast and Amazon's server farms going down?))
  • Set up widgets and home screens - an hour or two
I'm now left with searching around forums for connectivity and battery issues. The wifi keeps dropping or going 'bad' and having to be disconnected and re-connected, so the phone keeps trying to do everything using mobile data which, because I live in a dead spot, is making the whole thing glow deep red and drain the battery in a couple of hours. (Yes, I have a nice Android-style widget to turn mobile data and wifi on and off at will, but why should I HAVE to? I didn't need to do that with my N95!)

1. It knocks spots of the opposition once you've got it working.
2. There's something wrong if a hardcore smartphone geek (who dates back to when Steve Litchfield was making a living selling software and tutorials for OPL on Psions) takes two days plus to get a two-year-old (ie should have been sorted out by now) handset working acceptably.

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I ever have some connection issues thru WPA2 TKIP with some routers. Apparently this WPA2 problem seems router model specific.
digital cents

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N8 battery issues

Since i upgraded to Belle, the battery life has gone down dramatically, compared to Anna.
Now i bought a new battery, which i am calibrating, but even that gives me barely 7 hours of mild use...

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A New


Im very keen for some L4D games, I need plenty of achievements.
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