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Film Encoding Questions

Just got an N-Gage and have a query or two. Have searched but found no reference to this issue.

I recently recorded a film via satellite in 16:9 format and after converting this to .mpg format, I then used Nokia MMC Converter v 2.0 to convert to .3gp format 2.9gb to 80mb - not bad, I must say! However I have a few questions please: -

1. Whilst the movie plays ok, it looks like a postage stamp in that whilst I expected black bars at the top and bottom, I get black bars left and right too? Is this right - do we have to view in 4:3 format? Is 16:9 format not possible? How do we preserve the original aspect ratio?

2. Also on this point, is there no way we can utilise the full potential of the screen size and flip the encoded film round 90 degrees so as to watch a film in an image size as big as possible, also doing away with RealOne's bars top and bottom as well as the Nokia OS's (symbian/java/whatever) menu bars? A plain video image with nothing around it, utilising the full screen size would be good wouldn't it? Would this not be possible with different software to the default Real One - if so what and how (with settings) should we encode?

3. I encoded at 64kbps - what would be the resultant size if encoded at 128kbps? Would it be double? - in the above case, would I get a film size of 160mb? If I encoded at 128kbs would the film quality be very much better? I've noticed that film clips downloaded from the internet are poor - very blurred.

4. Would it be possible to use better quality compression software - say TMPGEnc to compress and get better quality results? - if so what settings do I use? And how do I simply convert from say mpg to 3gp without encoding? Is there a top quality clip anywhere that I could download, so I can see the N-Gage's full potential? - with an explanation as to how this was produced?

5. Finally there are two sockets for the standard headphones and I notice that the black one via the adapter cord allows you to use your own set, also doubling as the antenna. So what is the other socket for then? and why does the standard set need it?

Hope these questions can be easily answered



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1. You would have to add the black bars to the movie before you convert it as the converter resizes the entire picture.

2. Full screen isnt available in realone and has been addressed in numerous other threads. Only mobiclip can play full scren.

3. The file size is based on clip length rather than quality. I encoded the same clip in two different qulaitys and had the same file size. Id recommend using mpegable x4 live convertor from Its loads better than nokias converor in my opinion.

4. and 5. Not to sure


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SmartMovie can play fullscreen.

4.Every time you convert a clip you are encoding it so i don't get your question.

5.A microphone.

Please don't PM me with something that belongs in the forums.Search first,then ask.


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