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Old 20-07-2010, 06:26 AM
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Getting older: Obsolete, End of life, or simply Mature

It all started when I updated my Smartphone Grid, deleting a couple of devices which I considered too old to recommend to people. Somewhat foolishly, I used the word 'obsolete' in my Twitter conversations with readers and this led to a (ahem) stimulating exchange of ideas around the whole idea of what happens when a smartphone is no longer sold and/or no longer updated. Read on for my thoughts on the subject of what happens when our beloved devices get to three score years and ten (in machine years!)

Read on in the full article.

Old 20-07-2010, 07:13 AM
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I got my N95 when they were dumping stock because the 8GB was in, and so it was cheaper. I'm still using it, and hardware problems are restricted to not being able to read the keyboard any more (I remember it anyway) and a little extra instability which is beginning to become annoying.

So far, my promise to myself to not replace it before the contract ended was the main reason I haven't, coupled with a lack of funds.

Now, I'm dithering over a replacement because I can't see enough reason to tie myself into another contract (which is, honestly, the cheapest way of doing it in Australia, I've done the sums many times) or shell out up front. I've had the N95 so long it's been unrecognisably customised with task managers and front-end replacements, and there's nothing it doesn't actually do, productivity speaking.

On the other hand, expecting The Grid to keep superseded models in it would make it completely unusable, not to mention do nasty things to Steve's servers. And mind, probably.

Old 20-07-2010, 08:30 AM
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where are eol published?

would like to know where Nokia publishes the lifecycle info. Would be even nicer he they did it upfront. Eg what will it look like for N8?

Old 20-07-2010, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by gcameron00 View Post
would like to know where Nokia publishes the lifecycle info. Would be even nicer he they did it upfront. Eg what will it look like for N8?
How well a phone performs commercially is one of the major factors that decides the life cycle of a phone (perhaps the sole). Dont think it is possible to publish this upfront.
Plus, I don't publishing a lifecycle in advance is something *any* manufacturer would be interested in doing..

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Now this IS really an interesting piece of read, good work!!!

While it may true that new gadgets are always hot on the front, time will eventually come when all these will become obsolete, or outdated, or simply Old.

Now that is a rather inconvenient truth for us gadgeteers. For example, I always wanted to get my hand on the N95 w/c I got about 3 years ago. Im still suing it today and I am proud to say that I kept it in pristine condition regardless of the outdoor elements that may contribute to its wear and tear. But since I truly loved the device, it is simply irreplaceable.

Our beloved phones may become old, but that their usefulness will still be valued even when newer offerings arise on the market.


Old 20-07-2010, 09:10 AM
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In my experience the product lifecycle is usually over a couple of days after the warranty runs out. :-)

Old 20-07-2010, 09:50 AM
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The life cycle of most phones is the length of the contract. Then the owner receives an upgrade and the old phone is sold to a child on Ebay or Mazuma'd.

For me the life of a phone is how long it takes me to become bored with it. 3-6 months.

Old 20-07-2010, 09:57 AM
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N900 still has a P.R. 1.3 update that is yet to be released. Obsolete? NO.

Old 20-07-2010, 10:10 AM
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Would be nice if Nokia take a page out of the iPhone book. Its nice to get all the UI features of the newer phones by firmware update, that way you wont feel obsolete. Although that would dent sales in Nokias eyes.

Old 20-07-2010, 11:17 AM
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But Steve good Sir...

Not wanting to keep flogging the dead horse too much, WHY does the Nexus One fit into this, as the only factor that applies to that, is that it's not being 'made anymore'.

Fitting your other necessary criteria, not only is it still being SOLD (Voda, other European operators etc), it is yet to even receive (any second now though/ongoing), it's 2.2 Firmware.

So how can it be obsolete, when it is still being sold...

...still to receive 2.2...?

...And given the recent Google announcements regarding the hardware spec for Android 3.0 being RECOMMENDATION only (notwithstanding the Nexus One meets it anyhow), it will likely see 3.0 come Christmas/early JANUARY 2011...

Why does that fit the mantra of Obsolete even using your own definitions mate? lol.

It is a phone still being sold (admittedly whilst current stocks allow).

It is about to get a new Firmware update.

It will see ongoing Device Support for some time.

It will likely see a new firmware again, come 3.0, possibly even into 2011.

That's probably where and why your definition of 'obsolete' falls down, if only applied to meaning a phone still being manufactured, and hence your good reason for floating this whole topic of course, so well done in that sense.

The bogey here of course being Nokia, where they thankfully DO choose to issue FW updates for old devices now and then, BUT not having any clear strategy or assurance that this will happen - it's very pot luck.

Whereas for the Nexus One, policy is rather different, in that the world and his dog can bet on the N1 getting Android 3.0

GREAT article though - very thought provoking for sure.

(Mine's a Desire, as it happens, so I'm just playing Devil's Advocate to be fair to N1 owners, as my Desire does not fit the EOL mantra, still being made for now).
Now on to my 71st mobile handset since my first ever Ericsson (not S.E.) GA688, with the advent of my new HTC Desire Android phone, as Symbian was just too old now (after 67 Nokias)...

Old 20-07-2010, 11:23 AM
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Hang on. I only got the N900 a few moths ago! Second-hand, but still...

Strangely though, my N95 8GB is in a drawer. My Wife is sticking with the <i>original</i> E61, which is definitely obsolete, but still in heavy daily use.

Old 20-07-2010, 11:33 AM
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its a pitty that you didn't include the N900 but still the Motorola MileStone.
It would've been fun to compare those all in one devices one having Maemo and one on Android.
- Nokia N900 (v10.2010.19-1 | pr1.2 | RX-51) with 4gb micro-SD, lots of software!
- Nokia E90 (v210.34.75 | 12-04-2008 | RA-6) with 8gb micro-SD, lots of options & software!
- Nokia E50 (v07.36.0.0 | 07-09-2007 | RM-170) with 2gb micro-SD "premier" & lots of software!

My Nokia Phone history--> 6150 | 3210 | 6210 | 6600 & N-Gage | N70 & 9500 | E61 & N73 ME | E90 & E50 | N900

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The status of the Nexus One is of a developer device. It has plain Android withoug manufacturer additions so it suits that role perfectly. It's still for sale to developers, at leat the remainign stock is.

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You'd have to eol every nokia symbian phone too then. As far as I know none of them will get symbian 3. Which puts them in the same boat as the n900(still being made but the os isn't going anywhere). If you say they are still getting updates then that is also true for the n900. Noone has said the n900 will not get further updates.

Old 20-07-2010, 12:46 PM
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Funny, I did the grid test and got the phone that I got now(X6) as the best match along with n97


end, life, mature, obsolete, older, simply

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