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Thumbs down A Windows Mobile User: Nokia Messaging + Mail for Exchange (MFE)?

Hi there.

I have just recently revisited the S60 world (I used to have a Nokia 6600), with a new E71. I sold the Touch Pro I recently bought because I was fed up of Windows Mobile and the slow system response and poor web experience, I've been using WM for 2-3 years and was just sick of it.

I am pleased with the responsiveness of the E71, the excellent web browser (even the default one) with flash support and obviously the awesome design of this thing.

What I'm not liking is the e-mail application (frankly it plain sucks), and the (lack of) integration with Microsoft Exchange 2007. Now I wasn't expecting any miracles, since Microsoft would obviously be able to take advantage of their own Exchange infrastructure better than others can, but I was very disappointed by the "business" capability of this so-called business device. It lacks HTML support, the e-mails look like I'm using a console based application like PINE, and it doesnt handle appointments correctly.

I think the Nokia Messaging application looks a bit nicer, and they plan to have HTML support so is there any way to have my MFE account open in the Nokia Messaging application?

Can anyone offer me some hope here, like maybe something is "coming soon" and can offer me some hope? I might just switch back to Windows Mobile if I can't get this figured out.

I have also tried Roadsync (looks decent, lacking OS integration) and Emoze (ugly).


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You'll find you're far from the only ex-WM user here with an E71.

I've not noticed any issues with the way it handles appointments, but you're right - the mail client is crappy compared to WM.

If you can get POP3 access to your mailbox (or you set up an Exchange rule to forward your email to a regular POP3 mailbox) you can use Nokia Messaging to get your emails, and just use MfE for the Contacts, Calendar etc.

You'd lose the push email effect, but could have regular polling.

For me OTA access to my Contacts and Calendar is far more important than waiting 15 minutes to get an email. YMMV

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Without wanting to jump up and down, "me too" in that the vanilla email applications for the E71 (S60) are just lacking compared with Windows Mobile and PalmOS. I am getting by with the standard application and Mail for Exchange whereas with my previous set ups, they worked very well.

The other aspects of the E71 do go some way into making up for this issue...

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Intellisync 9.x

Sorry I am a bit of a Newbie here and did not find a better threat. - I am looking desperately for a source to get the new version (>= 9.0) of Intellisync. The Nokia homage does not offer it any longer, even though it was always a freeware. The new version should be much better for the E71.
Hope anybody can help me!


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