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"as I asume ^2 is fully hardened. The time taken to implement change is the killer for Symbian at mom and sometimes it seems like they've read about cool features but never actually seen other platforms."

Symbian^2 is not 'fully hardened' yet. It is 'feature complete' which means that no new features are being added. However, as usual nobody on here has any understanding of the relationship between the Symbian Foundation and the OEMs (Nokia for example). Even if this stuff is put in the Symbian platform, no-one is under any obligation to use it. Conversely, Nokia can add whatever they want to it (and the have the resources to do it). See the X6 for example, it has Facebook feeds in the contact tabs.

Just admit it, none of you know what the Symbian Foundation do. Why? Because you're not actually interested in understanding. I know this to be the case because of the prevelance of statements like:

'Nokia owns Symbian'
'Symbian aren't adding X feature fast enough/at all'

Educate yourselves a little bit, then comment. It will be good for everyone

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The 5800 has served its purpose

With the v31 firmware, 5800 has lived to its promise of being a great 'Bang for the buck' device.
Kinetic scrolling is mostly required for the browser, Opera mobile 10 (beta) fills in this gap.

I'm only feeling bad for the folks who brought the N97 which was 2 times the cost but no significant benifits interms of features.

I would also like to point out that the Symbian concept UI runs on a 5800 like device.

Also wondering if Symbian takes responsibility for this Mash-up what will they resell on the Symbian store

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By saying "Symbian" we are using that as a group noun for member input - however individual you may see them if it fails they fail together (as far as this projet is concerned). Yes ^2 may not be fully hardened but as it has been functionally complete since mid-year it should effectively be so and yes members can add in whatever new features they chose to do so.

But comments such as "Just admit it, none of you know what the Symbian Foundation do. " show the problem with the attitude and communication of SF. No many people do not understand their mission (judging by some of their out reach i.e. how to monetize Horizon I'm not sure SF do) but who's fault and who's role is it to correct that ? Such an attitude pretty much typifies the "we're installed on the largest number of phones, our OS is the greatest" complacency that seems to bedevil the project.

We have been led to believe that Nokia's V20 Firmware of S60 V5 (SF ^1) is functionally effectively SF^2 iif not correct me, if so you might like to compare it to some other OS's and yes I'm combining Symbian and the UI as after all that is the point of SF. This is going to be the UI running on SF phones for the next 6 months - good luck with that.

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Know before you buy

Bottom line is: do your freaking homework before you buy the phone. Don't cry that the phone you paid doesn't have X or Y features. If those features were that important to you, then you should make sure the phone has them before you shell out the money. Fools.

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I pretty much agree with all these comments.
Oh how easy it is to create mockups and pointless presentation cartoon videos...Think they need to spend more time making an actual device be up to par with the rest of the world's smart phone operating systems instead of on these stupid ass "demos" or "concepts" -- bottom line is this doesn't mean shit to the angry consumers who have been let down by Symbian time and time again.

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Interestingly, not many comments were intended to the set of future functions itself. For instance - making a "Menu" softkey on top of screen - is very bad idea IMHO. As screen sizes become bigger and bigger, the "walking" of the finger all around is just killing (all OSes). I think the best concept, to at least minimally compensate the so call one-finger navigation on big screens - is to make all commands starting from as small as possible area on downside of the screen. For example - some kind of softkeys joystick or wheel, which appears on mentioned area and reveals all, again all, necessary menus in any best order, as symbian programmers think.


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