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How can I get these applications to my phone??

Well I love this phone, I got it three days ago and im overwhelmingly impressed, and ive found this site and others where I can download usefull and fun software from them, as in .SIS files or even polyphonic ringtones and backgrounds etc, all the goodies


1. I have no bluetooth or infa red devices I can access to use to put the stuff on my phone

2. Apparently Australia telecommunications dont support the "Remote Mailbox" or "Mailbox" features, which can recieve emails and attachments. Which means I CANNOT recieve emails from that service thus no attachments.

I have tried to access the email system by my ISP's emails settings etc, but I get error messages so im assuming as they said the phone service itself doesnt support this. apparently no service in AUstralia does.

So im bamboozled as to how I can get these great applications to my phone
my only other theories are
1. Build my own wap page and put the applications on that so I can download them that way
2. (Its a longshot) If I send an MMS email to someone, can they reply back to my phone itself? If so when they do can they send attachments

Apart from that I have exhausted all my other avenues to my knowledge.

I Would GREATLY appreciate any help or thoughts on this, as I would really really like to get some of these applications onto the phone.

THanks all in advance.
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Try fastmail (, their basic account is accessible by imap4, and so you can d/l messages and anexes from there. So, to get the midlets to your 7650, all you have to do is email them to your fastmail account, and then access the account from your phone. When you open the attachment, you are asked if you want to install it.

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You shouldn't have a problem connecting to your ISP, as it just like a normal data call (Like using your line at home)

You have to setup an Access point like you would on your PC, include your username,password, dial up number,ect.

Then setup your mailbox, as you would in Microsoft Outlook, Give your ISP a call to find the Incoming/Outcoming servers

Outgoing will be something like:
Incoming will be something like:

Make sure it is set-up for POP3.

One problem I had was my ISP was an "Anytime" package and would only accept my username/password from the phone number is specified when I started the service. (My home phone number).

Your best bet is to give your ISP a call and they should be able to sort you out.

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Yeah the crappy telecommunication company doesnt know what time of day it is. I used my ISP email settings and got it working fine.

Only two problems, I cant send out email

and its configured for IMAP4, its working, but everyone seems to recommend POP3, whats the difference?

Apart from that im loving this phone even more

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I had a problem with the SMTP server with my phone

Basically my problem involved the same sort of thing, only I could not send messages from my phone although everything is set up as it should be...

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I'm not trying to be a clever dick here, but why don't you just invest in either a BT or IR device?

It's just that by the time you have gone through the hassle of dialling up ISPs and emailing files to yourself, or building WAP sites and browsing to them, etc.. the price that you pay for one of these devices won't seem that bad!

Unless you have GPRS, you will find that downloading emails or browsing WAP sites will be PAINFULLY slow, and therefore costly.

Good luck anyway.
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Yep, you can buy a Bluetooth dongle for next to nothing on I bought one for my pc the other week and it works great with my phone (and i live in NZ so postage to Aus isn't a prob)

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Nah its all good guys thanks for your help, basically the only probelm has been, a blue tooth and infared device is gonna cost me $140, I dont particulary want to spend that money considering I brought this phone outrighjt and cost alot as it was to say the least.

But its all good
I got the email going so I can recieve files and what not.
and it uses GPRS.

See the thing is For the first Month I get FREE GPRS, so downloading these emails etc, isnt costing me anything, thats why I wanted to get it working so much. So next month indeed I probably will invest in a bluetooth card, but until then im just trying to clock up all the downloading I can coz its free

Thanks for your help and tips guys
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