All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Battle of the Black Metal Titans

What two devices are black, metal, quad-band, Wi-Fi, GPS, qwerty and 3mp cam-equipped? That's right. The Nokia E90 and the i-Mate Ultimate 9502. Here Steve has pitched them headlong at each other, to see how the two titans fare. If you've been eyeing up the Ultimate, make sure you read this!

Read on in the full article.

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both phones suck.....e90 is a nightmare i would like to forget with its myriad problems...i managed to sell it for half the amount i had purchased it for imates most of them are overpriced and dont deliver what they promised....the ultimate line they promised hasnt arrived yet.....they make me laugh

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E90 is the ultimate..

Thanks Steve!

I can´t believe that other companies still can´t seem to beat E90 hands down. They´ve had the chance to copy it for almost a year!
imate is a poor competitor and so is Xperia X1 or the hybrid portable device dubbed 'HDPC (Hybrid Dual Portable Computer)' in the Korea market.

If you want a good laugh review those!

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You forgot to mention that the 9502 has XGA video out. The killer app for that device was demoed to me at the MWC. It was a 9502 using Remote Desktop Mobile to connect to a Vista machine, then the bloke connected his mobile to a HDTV then connected a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to it and it ran flawlessly.

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It depends on whether you want a phone or a smart device.

Physically, 9502 is no match for E90. With "A wealth of third party apps, including hundreds of games and vertical apps for companies", 9502 has the upper hand in terms of smartness, one can overcomes the software complaints easily if they willing to

In conclusion, one with poor software support and the other with poor hardware, both are lousy "smartphone"

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amazing how people don't "get" the e90. I understand it may have some limitations, however, when taken into consideration.. the 3.2 mpxl camera is very decent, the gps is super good (with wayfinder) mp3 player is usable, video player works great and the web browser is on par with the computer browser oh, and as a phone, it works great.

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I've never liked the E90 - I tried it for two weeks, via my operator as I was wary, and returned it.

It's an odd size - too small to really be a mini-laptop and too big to be a comfortable phone - and the lack of optimisation for the larger screen and full keyboard is maddening.

All that being said, and while I'm not tied to a particular platform (I've used WM, UIQ3 and S60 in the past 2 years), it will take a substantial revision before I go anywhere near another WinMob device: the user experience is dreadful especially when just trying to do simple things like dial a number!

In the end I've gone for a two-box solution, an E51 tethered to an N810 and I'd strongly advise anyone looking at the E90 to at least think about this option: you get a small easy but full-featured smartphone and a genuinely open (though not new-user-friendly) handheld PC.

What I'd really love is aproperly optimised S60v3 VGA clamshell in the 9300 form factor - the 9300 is the best phone I've ever owned and only my extremely nerdish desire for new toys stops me from using it to this day, though it remains my back-up device.

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The E90 is a Niche phone for my Job in IT its great the ability to use it for remote desktop administration and various network connectivity fits the bill perfectly, plus its a Nokia so you know your getting good quality and S60 functionality.

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I can't imagine anyone who is seriously considering an E90 (or anything similar) going with an E51 and an N810. I'm not saying that the combination is bad, but if someone wants a device that can do everything, albeit with some limitations (and you name me one device that has NO limitations), is not going to be satisfied with a simple(-ish) phone and a large(-ish) tablet running an unfamiliar OS.

I moved to an E90 from a P910i, and I couldn't be happier. Yes there are some issues, which hopefully will be fixed by a FW update, but on the whole, I find the E90 to be a fantastic device, and the experience of using it a positive one.

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Wink Slow Camera

E90 plus N810 is still the best I can find but at least the Eee PC can run tabbed browsing with NoScript (
This is important for Nokia to recognize because NoScript reduces CPU utilization, especially when hundreds of tabs are open.

Why can't Canon stick Wifi and Linux in one of their cameras? The camera on the E90 is excrutiatingly sssllloooowwww.

Given exorbitant prepaid GPRS rates, it is impossible to use the phone as a browser, but sending a folder of html files from a Macbook via bluetooth is not quick and easy. The phone says it can not accept files of that type (a folder full of web pages). Of course there are workarounds, but given that the pricing of GPRS is limited to Saudi oil sheiks, more attention should be paid to allowing Macbook users to send hundreds of tabs over via Bluetooth quickly and easily.

Nokia will introduce Qt to the maemo platform in addition to GTK+. Nokia wants to explore cross-platform possibilities between S60 and maemo because Linux is the operating system of the future.

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e90 firmware

I need that e90 firmware. Nokia gods, give me my firmware.

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but given that the pricing of GPRS is limited to Saudi oil sheiks
This simply depends on place you live in, Here in India, you can get GPRS for a flat fee that can range somewhere from Rs. 400 - Rs. 500 (approx $10 to $12.5). There are many people here who even connect their PC via phone's GPRS for their internet needs.

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E90... best phone ever. Period. Forget plasticky little phone-toys for kids.

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i've had my e90 for about a month now and absolutely love it!
sure it's a large and heavy device but it's got one of the best internal screens and qwerty keyboards on a mobile. the extra functionality including gps, wifi and a semi-decent camera make it a joy to use. i upgraded from my n95 and have never looked back. the e90 has a solid feel and is built much better than the n95. the e90 is a good device in my opinion and i'd recommend it to all...

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Absolutely agree with the outcome: the 9502 is pretty bad. No wonder I didn't recommend it in my MWC report either...


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