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E75 and Nokia Messaging

I wondered if anyone with a pre-release E75 can shed any light on the messaging client. I may well be wrong but I seem to remember reading that the E75 is the first device to use Nokia Messaging as the default client.

I am definitely looking to get an E75, but my main incentive is that I am looking for a messaging device, something handy to keep me connected for my email etc. For this IMAP is essential, and from dabling with Nokia Messaging on my N96 IMAP just doesn't seem to be supported to any usable level (hence Profimail is still my main application).

If the version on the E75 IMAP friendly? Really looking to be able to specificy the sent folder to copy items into rather than just the sent folder on the phone, and support for syncing other folders. Without these features Messaging doesn't feel like something that can be a default client?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

BTW ... is this really the first post in the E75 forum? Surely more interest than that!
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Just created this forum last night - hence the first mesage

You're right that the E75 uses the frame of Nokia Messaging, but it is integrated into the Messaging application. Basically you get all the inboxes etc. in the messaging application as before. Clicking on a mail one shows it in Nokia messaging style.

The email set up has been simplified so doing it manually isn't as obvious. It's all done via a wizard.

IMAP is defintely supported. I haven't used it though so can't fully comment on the folder support. I'll try and check this out before writing up the messaging component of the E75 review.
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Interesting.... I had the same question: Whether it will be possible to set up a IMAP-IDLE account while at the same time, bypassing Nokia's Email / Messaging "SERVICE". I've not had a good enough experience with NM to warrant using it full time but IMAP-IDLE on the normal default client worked just great. I'd LOVE to have the UI benefits of NM while, at the same time, not being forced to go through Nokia Messaging Service for my "push" type email.

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anyone tried this phone? i plan to get one for myself soon. for now is a bit expensive, i have to wait for few months later...

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You have to use Nokia Messenging

I bought one yesterday and can confirm that you have to use Nokia Messenging. It's fully integrated.

The IMAP support is OK but you're limited to how many folders you can subscribe to (I think it's ten) and of course you can only access messages that are less than a month old. That's a pain.

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E75 imap

I just picked up an E75 and find the IMAP support (particularly IDLE) very lacking. I'm coming from a Centro running Chatter Email which had excellent IDLE support. The trouble with the E75 is that it is constantly disconnecting from the server - this means no IDLE support until you reconnect. The Centro on the same SIM on AT&T in North America never had disconnection problems.

Also, the battery performance doesn't seem even close to the stated specs.

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seems that the phone doesnt show any advantage yet.. still thinking of buying it or not..


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