All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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New GUI for n97!

I really want this to hurry up!

Anyone know more details on this? I downloaded the demo and it works very well on my n97 mini, animations are nice and smooth. I wish I were a developer so I could help get this finalized for my phone.

As everyone knows, the current symbian OS is very dated and poor for touch screens, especially when compared to the iphone and android. I would love to see android ported, but perhaps this hyperUI would be easier?

anyone know more about this? is it a shell? how hard is it to finish?

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I hate to be the one to tell you this but i don't think there will ever be a release.
As far as i am aware 'hyperUI' is not a shell but rather just a demo of screens and animations, think like a simple flash animation, to show what could be possible with qt.

The app can not actually place calls or read from your contacts.

It is a bit of a shame because there realy is some exciting stuff in those qt demos in paticular 'Anomaly' a demo of the qt web kit. the scrolling is so smooth even if the rendering is bad. Id love to see a real browser built on the qt frame work with that kind of performance.

Any way, sorry about hyperUI but maybe some one will make a nice shell with qt later.

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Have a play with virtually any other new phone and when you go back to the 97 it just looks so outdated.

I read though that the basic OS is built into the phone meaning it's can't be replaced. Is that right?
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You wish.

There won't be anything like that released officially by Nokia. Unless someone finds a way of cracking open the N97 OS and sticking your own ROMs on it like the HTC phones. Its showing what can be done with Nokias QT. Its a concept not an actual working OS.

Your best bet would be to hope that Nokia continue to refine the N97 OS in updates.

If you want something like they showed you, then to some extent the next generation of Symbian phones (Symbian^3 released later this year) or even phones based on Symbian^4 next year.

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if we follow the cracking scene, there are already ways to 'hack' the 97 to allow access to the c drive. some have also gone as far as to have their own 'build' of it, with certain little things omitted.

i'd say it's developing a bit now, but at a slow pace, and won't be as mature as how winmo cooking is at anytime soon. but it's on the way there, though
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TBH I doubt it will take off further once the newer Nokia phones are released. Also there are far better phones out there which are far easier to stick custom ROMs on than a Nokia.

It would be nice to see, and I for one would try it out on mine if it vastly improved what I am currently using, and there was a safe way to go back to the Nokia FW should I need.


gui, n97

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