All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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well, i think i'll sell on the N97 and keep the N86 we have. Does everything we need well enough

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Originally Posted by sjdean View Post
Im just glad I didn't jump ship to the N900.... Sports Tracker isn't there, Google Maps isn't supported, no facebook widget! Shouldn't have told a friend "that's a cracking phone that is, I would have gone with that one..."
hi mate happy n900 owner here

there is a facebook widegt called facebrick and it does everything , facebook chat is done via jabber and built into the conversations application of the phone , you can be signed into multiple im accounts at the same time and it even pulls your facebook contacts and adds them to your phonebook with pictures via hermes

google maps is supported via the website or via maemo mapper and with maemo mapper you can download the google maps map data via wifi save it to your device and then use it offline when out and about :-) so much better then s60 or android versions where you can only use it online

sports tracker is done by a brilliant application called ecoach which has much better map data then sports tracker and works brilliant for example it uses maemo mapper as the map this then shows google map data , so you are then presented with a satelitte image of where you are running etc :-) it works great and you can allways upload the data to sportstracker to compare results etc :-)

your post was a bit harsh on a handset you dont seem to know that much about mate :-)

its not for everyone but the n900 isnt a flop like you make out and it does everything you mentioned pretty much better then every device out there :-) the n8 is also going to bring some serious hardware to the table at extremley good prices iam glad i didnt rush out and buy a android handset which personally i think is well over-rated and hyped up to much

all the desire is to me is a medicore camera with a fancy ui and snappy processor to be honest id rather have a n900 , n86 or n97 rather then an android handset due to the convergance nokia offer

mass memory , fm transmitter , tv out , stero speakers , good cameras and video , full bluetooth , dnla streaming , free full sat nav without data connection , nokia devices just offer alot more convergance

ok the ui isnt as swoosh but you can still do everything on symbian it just might not look as good when doing it on older symbian devices but this is about to change with s3

i know everyone is different but for me i just cant see all the fuss over android yet i think id rather have a n79 , n86 , n900 , n8 , n97 (with fixes) as to me its all about convergance and i think nokia are still well ahead in this area

look at the n900 , up to 64 gb mem , dnla , fm transmitter , touch and qwerty , tv out , good cam and video , supports divix/avi , up to 1gb ram , 600mhz cpu that can be overclocked to 1.2ghz , seperate gpu , good build quality , radio , full web browser , what device can offer that convergance

the n8 will take it a step further adding hd video and hdmi to the package as well as usb in and other little touches that will make it like a swiss army knife and i think thats where other fail

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I guess we were somewhat blessed with the N97 with quite a lot of the apps already being there, and being Symbian and quite a major OS already, Google has no problems producing apps for it, unlike the Maemo which sounds like it might need more homebrew kind of stuff. Not knocking it, just saying it's not so readily known like the Symbian version.

I can go and recommend all those apps to my mate.

As I say, Im torn between keeping my N97, holding out for an N8, or going google Android with HTC Desire.

Without doubt, N97 has one of the best HW platforms available (excluding the original GPS issues). Stick android onto that, there would be no debate IMHO.

Unfortunately with Symbian, the Apps Store (OVI) is quite poor and things can take an age to get ready for Symbian. So yes, Im worried about if I did go to the N8, whether I'd be able to get any UPnP programs, DivX playback programs, Google Maps etc etc. It's seems more popular to write software for android and iphones than symbian. And the whole sort of widgety interface just seems quite dated now. Made the best of a good thing, but not much more. I mean web browsing, and the whole photo gallery and video experience on the N97, the entire menu structure, it's all so, ugh.

I don't like the SMS/Email entry system on the N97, although it saves itself due to the keyboard. Take that away, and you're reduced to that horrible interface, and Im not sure how well that's gonna work on the N8.

I really need more in depth videos on the N8 to make a fair analysis, because everything could be tweaked for a proper touch screen interface. There again, I could be waiting a year for the software vendors to roll out their software.

Though once again, some cracking hardware on the N8, shame about the screen.

I quite like the Android because it has matured, it's hugely modular and customisable with hundreds and thousands of useful apps. It's been written from the ground up rather than a hack on like the touch screen interface on the N97 But there is something lacking for me on the hardware front of current devices, like lack of onboard memory, no xenon flash, possible limit on video recording to only thirty minutes.

Yet its software and flexibility is hugely desirable to me.


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I fully recognise a lot of the comments made in the previosu two posts, I looked long and hard at the Desire, but for the money ( 450) , it was lacking in hardware that I had gotten used to with the N97 ( built in memory, FM Transmitter, QWERTY keyboard, TV out ) so kind of decided that I didn't want to shell out so much money on a handset that was missing a few key features.

Looked also at the N900, but not really that long and hard, it was the Maemo platform that dissuaded me, Symbian and Android seem to have pretty good range of apps - certainly for me, as the main apps I wanted were also available for the N900 ( Skype, Joikuspot ) , but again, I was left with the thought of shelling some serious deniro.

So after pondering for a while, I just decided that a realtively basic phone ( akin to the N95 ) but with a QWERTY would tide me over for a year or so, by which time the N8 might even be on it's second creation with Symbian 4, or the Desire will have evolved into a meatier proposition. So, hence the E72. So far, so good.
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E72 is a good choice mate. I looked at it, but didn't find the keys fitted well with my fingers. Guess I was spoilt with the N97 keyboard spacing. You should find the Desire for less than 400 now from reputable places. Amazon and Handtec had it at just under the 400 mark. However Android is nice and refreshing, albeit some illogical omissions and the way it does things to me anyways.

The N900 is a tinker phone. While I like tinkering, I want something that works out the box properly as a phone and an Internet mobile device. The N900 didn't quite fit that for me. I am actually glad after annoying everyone in Carphone one day spending about 20mins doing normal things on the phone and I just got annoyed myself.

I still don't think Symbian^3 will steal back Nokias losses in the smartphone market. It might hold them there a while, but there are a lot of people being fed up at the moment.

The Desire isn't perfect for me, but then I doubt any phone that is out now will be. However, its a LOT better than the N97. Those of you who adopt the N8 early, well I'll be hovering to read what you really think after a while and the hype has died down. If its not all its cracked up to be (sure hardware is impressive but the UI needs to deliver) then Nokia will be in serious trouble.

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N900 full bluetooth? I don't think so. No rSAP support so it might as well be a an Iphone for 90% of VW owners with rSAP only car kits. A major omission by Nokia on the N900 that has stopped many people moving to it.

It seems to be the same for most Linux based phones

N900 - no rSAP
Iphone- no rSAP
Android - no rSAP


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